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You probably have the water level up too high. Keep the level around 1/3 to 1/2 up the skimmer and you'll be fine.

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Q: Why is water overflowing out of your pool skimmer?
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What is a skimmer pool?

Skimmer pool is a pool with side skimmers around

Why is skimmer flushing?

The water in the pool is too low,

How do you repair a leak at the skimmer?

turn the pool pump off,take off the cover of the pool skimmer box, The pool water level must be above the area where the skimmer box meets the pool wall. If it is not, add water to the pool until it is at least 1 inch above this seam.

When you do want to use the skimmer vs the drain on an inground pool?

The skimmer is the healthiest method for removing water from a pool for filtration at all times

Why does pool skimmer's weir door get stuck?

Could be the water level of the pool is too low. Top up with the hose into the skimmer basket.

To put in a new skimmer does the pool have to be empty of water?

No you just have to get the water level below the skimmer after that you should have no trouble making repairs.

Difference of a pool skimmer and pool filter?

A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the plumbing in order to filter fine debris from the water itself.

Can it hurt your filter if the pool water is high above the skimmer?

no the pool just wont skim

How do you get rid of scales on top of the water?

Install a floating pool skimmer

Does the main drain line in skimmer have water in it when closing the pool?

It should not have water in it, especially if freezing weather is expected. Drain the pool to below skimmer line and drain the filter and filtration equipment.

How can you vacuum the bottom of an above ground pool out with out losing the water?

If you have the regular set up that includes a skimmer, pump and filter then you don't have to waste any water. Get an lid-to-hose adapter, that fits over the skimmer basket at your pool supply store. Fill the hose with water and attach it to the lid. Place the lid inside the skimmer over the skimmer basket, then vacuum to your hearts content. Pool Masters

How does an above ground pool skimmer work with a diagram?

diagram for skimmer for above ground pool

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