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Does the main drain line in skimmer have water in it when closing the pool?

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It should not have water in it, especially if freezing weather is expected. Drain the pool to below skimmer line and drain the filter and filtration equipment.

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How do you unclog the bottom drain of a in ground pool if you can't find the junction of the skimmer and the main drain?

Depends how the pool was plummed. If you have a dedicated main drain line, or you share a main drain line and a skimmer line. Both are suction lines to the pump,meaning they will go into the front of the pump. If you have several valves on the front of the pump, and hopefully they are labeled you could try to shut all of them except the main drain and use what is called a drain king. It hooks to a waterhose and swells inside the pipe forcing water in the opposite direction. If you dont have any valves on the front of the pump ,chances are you share suction with the skimmer. check the inside bottom of the skimmer. Main drain may be plummed to skimmer bottom.

How to drain pool with main drains?

Unless the pool has a dedicated main drain line and a positive seal valve it is best to use a submersible pump. Most newer pools have the main drain line connected to the skimmer and there is a diverter valve in the bottom of the skimmer that regulates the ratio of main drain vs. skimmer suction. Once the water level drops below the skimmer throat the suction is usually lost. Check with your local codes and laws as some areas require draining into a sewer cleanout and other areas allow draining into the storm drain system as long as the chlorine has been allowed to dissipate and the pH is between 7 and 8.

What is a condensate line in a furnace?

its the drain line for water to drain

Can you drain an inground pool with the pools back wash?

Depends on your setup. Do you have a working bottom drain and a side skimmer basket? I only have the side skimmer basket, so once the level goes below the skimmer the pump will run dry. I have to attach a vacuum line to my skimmer basket so that the vacuum head sits at the bottom of the pool then I can backwash as much water out as I want. You should note that I have read draining all the water from an inground pool will damage the pool as the walls and liner rely on the water pressure to keep shape.

20 x 40 inground Pool skimmer seams to be plugged what steps to unstop skimmer?

try a shop vack drain the pond/pool down to the bottom of the front of the skimmer then turn the pump for 25 sec till you see the water drop in the line let it dry a bit then shop vack it

How can I get frogs out of my skimmer line on my inground pool?

You can buy a devise called a Jeanie Jet and it connects to your water hose. Take the lid off your pump and insert it into the front of the pump going back to the skimmer. You then turn on the water and it should blow out the line and unclog it. What comes out of that line will come out into the skimmer so watch for it.

Winterizing Your Gunite Pool?

With the onset of the cold weather, you will need to winterize your gunite pool. Backwash the pool filter. Detach the pump and filter to drain any left over water. Drain the pool heater. Remove return jet fittings, the skimmer basket and pipes. Blow air through the system until bubbles appear in the water and cap off the fittings. Put an empty twenty ounce plastic bottle in the skimmer basket to compensate for freezing and thawing. Remove water from the main drain line and cap it. Remove ladders and floats. Lower the level of the water beneath the tile line.

How do you check to see if there is an obstruction in the line to the pool skimmer?

one way is to close all the valves going to the pump but that skimmer one...does the pump run dry ..or even strain for water..is there a vortect in the skimmer...good luck

Why is water coming up on the other side of my sink when i drain my dish water?

Because both sides of your sink are connected to a common drain line, and the common drain line is slow.

What should the water level be in a pool?

The water level needs to be maintained at the middle of the skimmer opening or center of the tile line.

Can you tapped the piping of floor drain to a water closet pipe line?

Yes, be sure to pipe floor drain line properly into water closet piping.

Will running only the skimmer drain properly filter a 10000 gallon in-ground pool if the main drain has a leak in the line?

A lot of above ground pools only have 1 inlet, what you need to remember is the skimmer removes floating items from the top of the pool so keep the skimmer basket clean, and you may have too vacuum more often without a middle inlet, but sometimes you have to do what is nessary to keep everyone happy, just make sure you keep the skimmer basket clean and the water level above the inlet or you will burn the pump up. Added: You also have a big problem if anything gets caught in the skimmer inlet because there is no other inlet to relieve pressure from the pump. So a hand caught in the skimmer pipe under the basket would become a big problem. As far as if it will filter the water, I think the test is if the water turns green.

How does a trap primer work?

An automatic trap primer works by pumping water into a drain trap. The water is sent from a cold water line in small amounts each time the line runs water. There must be an air gap between the drain water and the fresh water line. The simpler manual trap primer is provided by your usage of the drain. For a seldom used drain pour water into it every few months. A little mineral oil in the drain will slow the evaporation by sealing the water from the room air.

How do you install a skimmer in an in-ground pool that is 20 years old?

First of all you cut the concrete 2 paralell cuts from pool edge toward the pool equipment, jack hammer out concrete remove old skimmer and coping , plaster, etc, trench out from skimmer location to exist skimmer/drain line,set new skimmer in place plumbin to old skimmer line pour concrete around base of skimmer to set in place, wrap 1/2" rebar drilled and epoxyed into exist pool gunite, build form around skimmer and rebar, pour form with rapid set mortar, pour final layer of finish concrete, replace coping repair plaster and voila you r done

What causes your air conditioning drain line to clog?

u must have trash in your drain line,u will need a water ram to unclog

How does a main drain work in a pool?

The main drain is positioned at the lowest point of the pool. The main drain has a perforated pipe in its base which is set in gravel in a pit at the deepest part of a pool. a pipe connects the side of the main drain to the skimmer box.That has got to be one of the worst answers I have ever seen in this forum. Not only would there be no suction but the pool would leak like a sieve. Try taking a straw and drilling a bunch of holes in it and then try drinking through it. Main drains are connected to the pump either with a dedicated solid pipe or into the front port of a skimmer. It is controlled by a 3 port valve if dedicated or a diverter valve in the bottom of the skimmer if that type is used.First answer, in bold type got "main drain" confused with a "sump line" as is sometimes used in areas where groundwater seeps into swimming pool hole under the liner. In such cases, a sump line is sometimes installed as described in the bold answer and connected to the pool filter pump so if water collects under liner causing liner to float away from pool bottom, sump line can be used to move water under liner to either into the pool liner, or out the waste line and away from the pool. But in such case, the sump line would never connect to skimmer and would instead connect near filter pump inlet with a dedicated valve bank to control water flow from pool or sump line since you wouldn't want to drain the pool while draining water from underneath the pool liner, and you wouldn't want pool water getting under the liner when filter system is turned off either.

Why does the water from the washer come up in the kitchen sink?

Kitchen sink and washer use same drain line. Drain line clogged causing backup of drainage from washer into kitchen sink. Have drain line unclogged to take care of problem. If drain line not clogged, check for proper venting of drain lines.

How much water drains out of a 4 drain?

you need to know the PITCH of the drain line to give an proper answer

When you do laundry water comes out of your floor drain all over your floor you had Roto-Rooter snake the pipe but the water still comes up Would it be all right if you tightly plugged the drain hole?

I would say that if water had never backed up in your floor drain, then backed up even after you had the drain line snaked, Roto-Rooter didn't do their job. Once a drain line is cleaned, it should drain like it did before the stoppage. As for plugging the floor drain, it is there for a reason, I would not plug it. There are several items manufactured that will allow a floor drain to drain but if the line starts stopping up they will seal the drain off to prevent water from coming out of the drain.

Should you add shock after a rainstormThe water level is quite high following the storm-should I drain someShould the pump run during the storm?

You should boost the chlorine. level somewhat. I would not drain unless there is another storm coming. Why waste the water? For that mater you can avoid having to drain the pool altogether by put in in a floating pool skimmer no mater how high the water gets it works a 1,000 percent better then the existing static skimmer A: hmmm, I don't quite understand just how a floating skimmer will prevent the water from overflowing at the coping. Skimmers have nothing to do with removing excess water from the pool! In the answer above, you have got to mean add an overflow pipe at the water line and have it drain to the street or somewhere off the property. Boosting the chlorine answer is ok but in addition I would run the filter/pump to clear out the contaminants that the rain would add and that could also be from the splash of rain on the deck or off the roof or rain gutters. Only drain the water off if the storm is a strong one with lots of rain or if there is another rain storm coming in soon. k

Why does the disposal empty the water out of the sink and then it comes right back?

the drain line is completely or partially blocked, the drain line needs to be snaked out. the disposal is forcing what water it can down into the pipes but if there is an obstruction the water has no place to go but back into the sink.

How do you know if shower pipe is clogged?

Water won't drain from shower. Either trap or shower drain line is clogged.

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