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Whipped topping is not the healthiest thing to eat in large quantities because it contains simple sugars and fats. The simple sugars spike insulin, which is a storage hormone. When you combine this with the fat it contains, it can help cause obesity.

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What is envelope whipped topping?

Envelop whipped topping is simply instant whipped topping. The topping comes as a powder in a package to which milk or water is added. The mixture is whipped until it achieves the correct consistency, then it is served over desserts or fruit.

What is the difference between whipped cream and whipped topping?

Whipped cream is real cream. Whipped topping is an imitation, probably mostly vegetable oils.

How many cups of whipped topping from an envelope of whipped topping mix?

One Envelope can make 2 Cups.

What is whipped topping?

"Whipped Topping", also commonly known as Whipped Cream, is a dessert topping. It is made msotly of egg whites, sugar, and milk. It is almost always white in color, and is whipped to incorporate air so that it becomes light anf fluffy and airy.

Is there a way to fix whipped topping if over beating occurs?

To fix whipped topping that has been over beaten stir slowly until it thickens. Adding a bit more cream will also work to fix over beaten whipped topping.

Who invented whipped topping?

someone amazing

What is the best topping on pumpkin pies?

whipped cream

How many cups of cool whip is 12 oz?

4 oz (by weight) of whipped topping = 1 cup So..... 12 oz of whipped topping = 3 cups

What do people serve with pie?

whipped cream and pie topping

What is the best whipped topping for making pies?

Which whipped topping tastes best is a personal preference but when making pies it is often thought that Cool Whip has the best consistency for pie making.

How many cups of whipped topping is 8 oz?

1 cup

Name a good topping for waffles?

syrup berries whipped cream butter

What is the fluffy white topping on pies in bake shops?

Either meringue or whipped cream.

Is whipped cream kosher?

Regular whipped cream, that we have at normal food stores are not kosher, the kosher whipped cream is called : pareve whipped cream _______ The above answer is not correct. Whipped cream in a milk carton that has no additives is kosher, just as regular milk and cream is. Ready to use whipped cream requires kosher certification - if it is kosher it'll have a hechsher (symbol of kashrut) on the container. Non-dairy whipped topping may be kosher but again, requires certification. Non-dairy whipped topping is used for desserts served at a meal where meat is eaten.

What is a sentence for proclaimed?

The president proclaimed that February 11th would be national whipped topping day.

Who is the maker of affair non-dairy whipped topping?

Morningstar, a dean foods company.

What ingredients are in Burger King Shake?

The ingredients in Burger King's OREO Shake are OREO cookie pieces, vanilla sauce, whipped topping and Velvety Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream, in their Chocolate Hand Spun Shake their ingredients are Velvety Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream, whipped topping and chocolate sauce, in their Vanilla Hand Spun Shake their ingredients are whipped topping, Velvety Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream and vanilla sauce.

Healthy food recipies?

ummm... Banana cream 1. banana 2. weigh watchers sponge cake 3. strawberries 4. whipped topping crimple the sponge cake in a bowl. add chopped fruit (strawberries and bananas) and put a few squirts of whipped topping

What is the difference between whipping cream and whipped cream?

The only difference in "whipping cream" and "whipped cream" is that the "whipping cream" is referring to Heavy Cream, and "whipped cream" is the Heavy Cream that is whisked, incorporating air, and sugar, creating the whipped topping for desserts. If you're referring to something like "Cool Whip" and the aerosol whipped topping, then the key difference is in the dairy products it is made from. Typically, Heavy Cream is not used in those products, as it is much higher in calories and fat, and costs more.

What is Black Forest cake?

A Black Forest cake is chocolate cake with a cherry filling and iced with whipped topping.

What sentence could you use using the word nondairy?

One of the ingredients in the cake was a cup of nondairy whipped topping.

What are some low carb sweets?

Some good low carb desserts do include fruit -- just in smaller amounts. A parfait made of non-dairy whipped topping and berries is a good dessert. Plain or sugar-free vanilla yogurt can be used in place of the whipped topping, as well

What topping to put on cherry pie with graham cracker crust?

Whipped cream would be a good topping for an open top cherry pie. If you pipe it on with an icing bag, it will give it a nicer visual touch.

Are whipped topping and heavy cream the same thing?

Although it's normally made from heavy cream, whipped topping includes sugar (and possibly vanilla) when heavy cream doesn't. At least all whipped cream recipes I've looked at call for sugar. Plus air is incorporated and I don't know what effect using as a sub for heavy cream would have. Anyway, I would say no, not really.

What toppings go on an apple crumble?

Apple crumble can be topped with whipped cream,,,, The best topping on Apple crumble is vanilla ice cream.... Another topping is grated Cheddar Cheese.