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What does the fuel pump on a Honda Accord look like?

Depends on what model, and year you are asking about. 1969 HONDA ACCORD LOOKS HARD AND HEAVY!

What is a heavy thunderstorm?

A heavy thunderstorm is a thunderstorm that has a severe threat (damaging wind, heavy rain, hail, possible tornado) but is not yet alerted to be a severe thunderstorm

Why is the clutch pedal of your 1987 Honda Accord so heavy?

Low of hydraulic fluid. Check the reservoir.

Does Honda accords with manual transmissions have transmission fluid?

They have transmission lube. It is normally a heavy weight oil but in some cases can be A/T fluid.

What is a sentence for thunderstorm?

The thunderstorm pounded the town with heavy rains.I have always enjoyed a good thunderstorm.

What is a heavy-thunderstorm-A storm of heavy rain accompanied by lightning, thunder, wind, and sometimes hail?

A super-cell cloud

What is in a thunderstorm?

thunderheavy rainlightning

Will a V8 engine fit a standard 1992 Honda Accord EX car?

A V8 engine can not fit in a 1992 Honda Accord without heavy modification. The car will have to be hacked in several ways to allow room for the engine and drive-train along with a cage to reinforce the chassis.

How does one know if a thunderstorm is outside?

A good idea is to listen for sounds of a thunderstorm first, look for heavy rain, and even feel for dry heat or a heavy atmosphere. Sometimes one can even smell a thunderstorm in the air.

Will a 1993 Honda Prelude h23a motor or motor transmission combo be fitted into a 1981 Honda Accord?

The H23 was a pretty big motor. People have a hard time fitting them into integras and civics. When they do its too front heavy to be worth driving. (i.e. poor steering) Your accord has an even smaller engine compartment and even poorer suspension. Bad idea. Try a D series engine. Much cheaper, lighter, big boost from what you have.

Is cumulus stage of a thunderstorm usually features heavy rains?

It is the cumulonimbus that produces heavy rains.

Where can a thunderstorm be?

A thunderstorm can present itself and various ways. Here are some:General Thunderstorm: Produces rain (sometimes heavy), lightning and thunder.Severe Thunderstorm: Produces rain (often heavy), hail, damaging winds, frequent lightning and thunder and/or tornadoes. A thunderstorm is defined as severe if it poses a considerable threat to the public.Thundersnow: Not as common, but possible. Heavy snowfall (usually during snowstorms/blizzards) can generate isolated lightning strikes which is traditionally followed by thunder.

What do you call thunder and heavy rain?

I believe this would be a thunderstorm.

How far from heavy rain of a thunderstorm can lightning strike?

Lightning can strike up to 30 miles from a thunderstorm, though such instances are rare.

What are the effects of thunderstorm?

Heavy precipitation is an example of one of the effects of a thunderstorm. They can also cause trees to fall, and damage power lines.

Does the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm usually features heavy rains?


A small storm with heavy precipitation and frequent thunder and lightning?


What is the heavy rainstorm that includes lighting as well as thunder?

obviously a thunderstorm

When does a heavy rain turn into a thunderstorm?

Heavy rain becomes a thunderstorm when there is thunder and lightning. This usually happens when the clouds reach a significant enough height and the updraft becomes strong enough to separated electrical charges.

Is the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm usually features heavy rain?

No, heavy rain does not usually occur until the mature stage.

What is a local storm with tall clouds and heavy rains and thunder with lightning?


What is a Local storm with tall clouds heavy rains and thunder and lightning?

A thunderstorm?

What are the elements of a thunderstorm?

heavy rainstrong windslightningthundertornadoes

What does a thunderstorm look like?

cumulonimbus clouds produce thunder and lightning and heavy rain with a possibility of hail or tornadoes but that doesnt usually happen in an thunderstorm

What are small intense weather system that produces strong winds heavy rains lightning and thunder?

A thunderstorm, most likely a severe thunderstorm.