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The spider gasket in your valve may be deteriorated. Buy a spider gasket and some silicon grease at your pool store. Remove the screws in the multi-port valve and replace the spider gasket after you thorough cover it wth grease.

To keep this from happening again, never add chlorine through your skimmer. Always use a floater if you use tablets or install an off-line chlorinator as far away from the filter as possible. Hatawa

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Broken back wash valve part in a sand filter. Replace valve assy. Torn or damaged grids in a

D. E. filter. Remove, clean and replace in the latter. Broken latterals in a sand filter - remove and replace. Unfortunately with a sand filter you have to remove all the sand first. Be sure that when you replace the #20 silica sand - you cover the stand pipe in the center of the filter other wise you are going to get a lot of sand blosing back to the pool for a while.kk

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Damaged or not properly seated cartridge

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Q: Why is your cartridge filter blowing debris back into the pool when sweeping?
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Why do you get dirt back in the pool when cleaning?

There are a few ways to get rid of dirt in your swimming pool. Firstly there is a chemical that you can get in which will force all dirt suspended in the water to sink to the bottom. To clean the bottom of the pool for the first time, you will need a swimming pool hose, a vaccum head and a telescopic wand. All are available from a pool shop. You plug the vaccum head onto the telescopic wand and plug one end of the hose onto the vaccum head. Leave the vaccum head sitting over the water. Turn the filtration system on. Take the free end of the hose and fill with water by placing over a return jet. When all the air is out of the hose, take the free end and plug into your skimmer box. You will now be able to vaccum your pool by running the vaccum head along the bottom of the pool. Once clean, disconnect all equipment and backwash the pool. The pool should now be clean. Afterwards, you could consider buying an Auto Pool Cleaner - they move by using the filtration system and clean whenever they're in the pool. The only thing to remember though is that you will need to backwash regularly, since it is always cleaning the pool. The chemical is a floc which is mixed in a bucket of water and spread of a maximum surface of the pool while the filter is operating for several hours on "Recirculate". Then turn off filter for a day or two to allow the sediment to settle before vacuuming. When vacuuming the sediment from the floor of the pool, do not vacuum through the filter. Vacuum to waste.

Is the oil filter on a 2011 town and country a cartridge type?

Yes, the 3.6L filter is a cartridge.Yes, the 3.6L filter is a cartridge.

What type of oil filter for 2006 dodge sprinter 2500?

It is a paper cartridge filter.It is a paper cartridge filter.

What is the difference between filter element and filter cartridge?

A cartridge filter is inside an assembly as an element is its own assembly.

What does the fuel filter do in the car?

Filter out debris from the fuel.

How do you backwash a regular pool not a de or sand?

Backwashing is done to clean the filter media in sand and DE systems. Cartridge filter systems don't have a "backwash" provision. You just remove the cartridges and wash off the dirt and debris with a hose.

How much does a replacement filter cartridge usually cost?

Replacement filter cartridges can vary in price depending on the filter that the cartridge is inserted to. In general, a replacement filter costs about 40 dollars.

Why does this truck keep blowing out the gasket on the oil filter. it is on a 1998 F150 4.6L any ideas as to why?

One of two possible issues... Remove the exsisting filter, check that it's rubber sealing ring is still attached to the cartridge. Then use a flash light and a small pick, and check to confirm that a previous cartridge gasket is not become embedded in the machined seating ring of the mount. If so, remove the old gasket, and reseat filter. A second possibility is that the threaded cartridge mount is damaged, and is not alllowing the cartridge to seat fully against the machined ring.

Why do you not have any pressure coming out when your sand filter pump is in filter mode?

Probably because it is clean, leave it on the filter setting for a while and you will find that the pressure will increase as the filter gets dirtier, when it get high (usually in the red ) you will have to backwash.

Why would dirt and leaves be blowing out the jets when you vacuum your 12x24 pool if you have a new 50sq cart filter?

You need to put the new cartridge in the container!! Just kidding it sounds like you may have either a by-pass valve open or your cartridge is not properly aligned or is the wrong one.