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Why is your gas gauge in your ford ranger stuck on full even when the tank is empty?


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The fuel gauge could be getting improper signals from the fuel sensor. The sensor is located inside of the fuel tank.

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Either there is a short in the fuel sender wiring or the sender in the tank is bad.The actual gauge is rarely bad.Good luck.

The thermostat is probably stuck open, even when the engine is cold.

The floater inside your pump is sticking. You will have to replace your fuel pump in order to fix this problem.

float could be stuck, or the fuse could be blown, some cars show full,empty or half when there is no voltage (normaly a 10 amp fuse) Could also be a bad sending unit. Unfortunately this is located inside the gas tank and is part of the fuel pump assembly. See "Related Questions" below for more

Most likely, there is a small hole in the plastic float in your gas tank's sending unit. As the float fills with fuel,it sinks to the bottom of the tank and sends an "empty" signal to the gas gauge. You're gonna need a new fuel pump. Scott

sounds like your temp switch is bad you will need to replace it. Maybe the thermostat is stuck open and the engine never heats up. <- even if the thermostat is stuck open the temp gauge would register heat it would just take longer for the engine to heat up for it to register.

There is no answer to this question as all makes of cars have different gas tank and gage designs, one will be bone dry while another car will still have a gallon left in the tank even though both gages read empty.

The problem may not be in the sensor. The problem could exist in either the the gauge, or something may have gotten stuck in the guage preventing the needle from going any higher. If something gets stuck even once, it can permanently throw your gauge off.

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You may need to replace the sensor it is located in the bottle or as a float set up the float could be getting stuck down. Try not to let it get totally empty for a while.

It's either the in-tank sensor, in-dash gauge, a connector, broken wire or a bad fuse. I know that's not much help, but that's the best anyone could do for you without more information.

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fuel sending unit in the fuel tank..... cost alot of $ and you have to cut the exhaust...... just keep it full and drive that mf'er

I hope you have air in the gas tank ... everyone does. The symptoms you describe may indicate a faulty gas cap. Heve it checked (tested) for functionality. Those sort of things wear out normally too, just like other things in your car. a gas cap can not be this problem the gas gauge gets it reading from a float in the gas tank as it goes up so does the gauge. the higher the float the higher the gauge and the higher the voltage going to the gauge. the lower the float the voltage is lower so the gauge goes down. ether the gauge is stuck or the adjustable switch that is attached to the float is damaged. but it could be that a wire that always has 12volts is shorted to the signal wire going to the gauge because a signal wire the voltage changes and a power wire will always have 12volts. one example would be the wire that runs the fuel pump they are right next to each other

you can buy the gauge at any auto store or even walmart and there are directions with the gauge.

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