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Why is your heat not working on your 1978 Buick LeSabre the radiator was leaking antifreeze so you put some stop-leak into it and it worked but now the heat is not working?


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2005-02-09 03:25:10
2005-02-09 03:25:10

you had a leak. you poured a $5 can of high tech bubble gum into your cooling system. You are happy with what it did to the radiator. you are not happy with what it did to the heater core ( the other radiator) that is in your dash unit. Kind of a bad trade, wasn't it?


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Leaking from? Hose Water pump Intake gasket

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Antifreeze is green in color and is leaking from your radiator .

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The transmission cooler (possibly part of the radiator) has failed.

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then you should have your radiator flushed because you have rust in it. FYI: antifreeze can strip the paint off of your it you spill it. Also, you may need to replace your radiator if the antifreeze is leaking, it may be through a rusted/corroded portion of the radiator.

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