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Menstrual flow will normally be red, but during lighter flow it will take time for the blood to leave your body and thus it will turn brown. It is completely normal for menstrual flow to look red or brown and alternate between the two because menstrual flow isn't a constant flow.

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Q: Why is your menstrual blood alternating between red and brown?
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What does brown blood in your menstrual cycle mean?

Brown blood is old blood. Sometimes menstrual blood can pool when you sit or lie down then when you stand up it will flow but will be a brown color. If you have brown spotty blood or a very light period and have had unprotected intercourse, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

What is causing your menstrual cycle to be brown?

Menstrual cycle refers to your reproductive cycle, I think you mean menstruation or your period. Menstrual flow can be brown when your period is light, the blood takes time to leave the body so turns brown just like any other blood would as it gets old, and it mixes with discharge.

On the first day of your period the blood was brown and heavy and then it went to normal red the next day is anything wrong with you?

It is not unusual for menstrual blood to be brown, especially at the beginning or end of menstruation. This is because menstrual fluid contains tissue and other substances besides blood.

Could u bleed brown in your period?

Since blood does turn brown as it clots, a brown color in menstrual blood probably means only that some of the blood has been exposed to air for some time.

Is it normal for your menstrual cycle to be brown?

The term menstrual cycle refers to your entire reproductive cycle, I think you mean menstruation or your period. Menstrual flow can be brown when it is light as it takes time for the blood to leave the body and it goes brown as it gets old, it also mixes with discharge which changes the colour too.

What is the brown stuff during menstruation?

The brown stuff is just light menstrual bleeding - blood that has taken time to leave your vagina and mixed with your discharge.

This is only my 6th period and there's not a lot of blood and the blood is brown?

This is normal, throughout your teens you can see a lot of irregularity in your menstrual cycles and in your menstrual flow patterns. Brown is just 'old blood' it's light bleeding that's taking time to leave your body as it's so light, thus turning brown before it gets out of your body. Nothing to worry about.

Why is my period not red but brown stuff?

Your menstrual flow is brown simply because your flow is light.The blood is mixing with discharge and taking time to leave your body, so turning brown.

Brownish blood during period?

There is nothing wrong with brown blood at the end of the menstrual cycle, it is oxidized blood. This means you are nearing the end of they cycle and your body is "cleaning" itself out.

Why would you have brown spotting a week after your menstrual cycle?

Left over blood from your period, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy etc ==

What does it mean when you have dark brown discharge andblood?

It is dried blood and very normal for your body to get rid of it at the end of your menstrual cycle.

What cause your menstrual to be brown when it starts?

The blood in your uterus is in there for a while, so the longer it is in there, the more it darkens. There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about it.

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