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The idle control solonoid is not functioning properly. Take it off and clean it and where it attaches to the throtle body, GoodluckJoe Another possibility is that you are low or out of oil. This happened to my 96 ESi when I had a major oil leak from the oil pressure sensor. If your oil is too low, the car will cut out to save itself.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-11 21:57:16
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Q: Why might a 1995 Eagle Talon not stay running without your foot on the gas?
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Will the gears in a 1990 Plymouth lazer trans axle work in a 1991 eagle talon if you swap the trans axle cases and bellhousing?

They might work considering that the 90-93 Eagle Talon, 90-93 Eclipse, and the 90-93 Lazer are made so much alike...My friend has a book and everything that we looked at in the book was for the Talon, Eclipse, and Lazer so if I'm right, it should work.

What is the top speed of a stock 95 eagle talon esi?

I was able to get it mine upto 130 mph (stock), might go faster didn't have enough room to push it

Why might an eagle talon drop into neutral from drive?

If its an automatic the transmission is slipping and will either need a fluid and filter change or rebuilt altogether. If it a straight drive it may need a synchronizer replaced

What might cause an Eagle Talon transmission to go into safe mode?

Check your motor and tranny mounts to make sure everything is tight and not moving the transmission. Also check vehicle speed sensor.

Abs light Eagle talon 1995 tsi awd comes on and won't go off after turning off the engine a motor is still running I have to disconnect the battery to get the motor to shut off...What's up?

it might have a turbo timer on it There night be a turbo timer on it.If you have one your car will run until it cools off.

Why wont transmission go into gear when running in my 1991 egale talon?

most likely the clutch is going. you can try checking to see if there is air in the hydralic lines though, that might take care of it

I replaced the ecu in my 93 talon and it ran for about 30min and then died it cranks but won't stay running for more then abut 5 seconds i just bought the car yesterday help any ideas?

might have had a short in your car. my talon does and i keep burning up amps. but hopefully u didnt burn the ecu

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93 eagle talon se 5 speed no start with in 20 minutes after driving fueling after 20-40 minutes restarts?

It could be a number of things. Is your check engine light on? If so, this might help lead you in the right direction by pulling the codes.

1992 eagle talon and it will turn over but wont start what might be the problem?

spark plug or injectors. Try cleaning injectors or replace plugs if that doesnt work try new ignitions wires maybe there is a melted or cut wire. happened to mine....

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