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Why might a 1995 Eagle Talon not stay running without your foot on the gas?


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2006-03-11 21:57:16
2006-03-11 21:57:16

The idle control solonoid is not functioning properly. Take it off and clean it and where it attaches to the throtle body, GoodluckJoe Another possibility is that you are low or out of oil. This happened to my 96 ESi when I had a major oil leak from the oil pressure sensor. If your oil is too low, the car will cut out to save itself.


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They might work considering that the 90-93 Eagle Talon, 90-93 Eclipse, and the 90-93 Lazer are made so much alike...My friend has a book and everything that we looked at in the book was for the Talon, Eclipse, and Lazer so if I'm right, it should work.

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I was able to get it mine upto 130 mph (stock), might go faster didn't have enough room to push it

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If its an automatic the transmission is slipping and will either need a fluid and filter change or rebuilt altogether. If it a straight drive it may need a synchronizer replaced

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Check your motor and tranny mounts to make sure everything is tight and not moving the transmission. Also check vehicle speed sensor.

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