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Why might a 1996 Geo Prism not start if its not the battery?


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Could be a blocked fuel filter, or your fuel pump may have died. It takes 3 things for an engine to run: Air Fuel Spark You need to figure out which the engine is not getting. Most cars can get air so I would look at fuel and spark. If you can get a can of throttle body cleaner and spray it into the throttle body and try to start the car. If it starts and runs for a bit, then the problem is the engine is not getting fuel. There are ways to check for spark but for now try to see if the engine is getting fuel. out of time timing belt

1996 have a plastic key which is located on the bottom of the stering column..the security key is made so you can remove it and take it with you so no one can hot wire your car. i kicked mine with my feet and loosened it but luckily the AAA man in Orlando Florida had a car like mine and showed me where the key is.