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Could be a blocked fuel filter, or your fuel pump may have died. It takes 3 things for an engine to run: Air Fuel Spark You need to figure out which the engine is not getting. Most cars can get air so I would look at fuel and spark. If you can get a can of throttle body cleaner and spray it into the throttle body and try to start the car. If it starts and runs for a bit, then the problem is the engine is not getting fuel. There are ways to check for spark but for now try to see if the engine is getting fuel. out of time timing belt

1996 have a plastic key which is located on the bottom of the stering column..the security key is made so you can remove it and take it with you so no one can hot wire your car. i kicked mine with my feet and loosened it but luckily the AAA man in Orlando Florida had a car like mine and showed me where the key is.

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Why might a 1996 Accord not start?

Check the battery.

What could be wrong 1996 Bonneville wont start after installing new stereo and checking fuses?

you could have left the battery disconnected. or maybe you drained the battery, you might have to recharge it

Why won't a 1996 Taurus start when it has a good battery connection?

It might have some other problems on the motor or any other place in the car.

Why would a 1996 mercury marquis not start with a good battery?

Might be you alternator. Happened on my 1997 grand marq a couple of weeks ago

Why won't a 1996 Mustang start when cold?

your oil could be too thick to allow the engine to crank over fast enough to start, or you might need a new battery!

Why will a 1996 dodge trk not start with afully charged battery?

Is starter working?

How do you reset 1996 stratus that wont start?

If your 1996 Dodge Stratus wonÕt start you can try to jump start the car. There is no reset button like a computer. You can recharge your car battery with a jump start.

Why wont my car start when i have replaced the starter and the battery on a 1996 Monte Carlo 3.1L?

what does it do

1996 dodge intrepid wont start?

If the 1996 Dodge Intrepid will not start, there might be an issue with the battery or the starter. This could also be a problem with the solenoid or the fuel gauge or fuel pump. The problem and the fix will vary depending on whether the car is completely dead or is cranking when the ignition is turned.

Ignition switch 1996 Honda passport is locked car will not start?

if the battery is dead the switch wont unlock or start

Why would your 1996 Mitsubishi eclipse spider convertible just not start Nothing?

I would start by checking the battery and fuses.

1996 Chevrolet Cavalier won't start is it the fuel pump?

If a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier will not start, it could very well be the fuel pump. It could also be the starter or battery.

Why does 1996 HD FLSTC make a loud click when key turns Won't start?

out of battery

Why 1996 ranger wont start clicks1time?

It could be a loose battery terminal or dead battery! A faulty starter solenoid/relay will often only click once when tryong to start the vehicle.

Why wont your 1996 1.6 ford escort start after disconnecting the battery?

either something shorted in the computer when re-connecting, or your grammar implies that you are trying to start it with no battery...which obviously would mean you should first re-connect the battery

What might cause the battery light to stay on in a 1996 Eclipse?

Insufficient charging from your generator (aka alternator).

How do you jump start a 1996 buick regal?

A 1996 Buick Regal will jump start using a portable battery pack. Another person can also use jumper cables to help jump start another car.

My Mitsubishi eclipse 1996 is having problems starting I have to push it so it will start Why does a Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 doesn't start even know it is not the battery?

If its standard then more than likely its the clutch.

1996 Mercury Sable wont start?

The most common cause for a 1996 Mercury Sable not starting is a dead battery. The second most common cause for the automobile not to start is a lack of fuel.

Your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont start just clicks?

sounds like a flat battery to me

Why does the 1996 Chrysler town and country just click when you try and start it when it is cold?

probably a bad battery

Is the ford escort 1.9L a zero tolerance motor?

I have a 1996 ford escort that will not start and it has a new starter on it and a new battery in it but it still will not start

You replaced the battery on a 1996 dodge stratus but now the car wont start?

are u sure the original problem was the battery and do you have the cables hooked up correctly.

What kind of refrigerant is in a 1996 Geo Prism?


Why wont my 1996 Chevy 1500 start?

Does it turn over? No Fuel? No Spark? No compression? Weak or bad battery?