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It could be the alternater.

AnswerSome cars have a safety switch that shuts the engine off when the oilpressure is to low, but if those lights came on when the car stalled it might be because the lights on the instrument panel that turns on when you start the car usually turns on when it stalls.
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Q: Why might a car stall shortly after the oil and battery light came on and not start again?
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My Game Boy Advanced SP's screen turned blank and the LED light shut off Is their anyway to repair it?

charge it then try again the battery might have died

Why would a battery drain while car is not running?

A light in your car might be on, running down the battery!!

Why does the battery light stay on after replacing the alternator 2009 Chevy Malibu?

You might have a bad battery, a poor connection between the battery and alternator, or a bad ground from the battery.

Why does battery die when the car is not running?

u might of left the frickin light on

What does it mean when your battery light flashes on your 1988 crown Victoria?

Check the volts right from the battery, might be a faulty alt.

Explain one reason why the flashlight might not light?

A flashlight may not light if there is no energy source or in this case battery.

How do I reset the battery light on a 2004 grand am?

Refer to your owners manual. It should have it listed under battery maintanence If light is still on you probably haven't fixed the problem so it might be your alternator or it could be your battery.

What might cause the battery light to stay on a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

Bad Alternator, Bad Battery, loose cables

Why would the battery light stay on after battery replacement on 2004 ford ranger edge?

It might have something to do with the alternator.......... or maybe there is a short in the wiring

Why would your battery light glow all the time even when the key is off?

Whether the key is on or not, you have a low battery and it might need replacing.

What does it mean when the Service Engine Soon light comes on along with the battery light?

It is possible that your alternator might be going out. It also could be a problem with your battery. You should have it checked by a professional or you could be stranded .

What might cause the battery light to stay on in a 1996 Eclipse?

Insufficient charging from your generator (aka alternator).

Does battery light indicate alternator going bad?

It might. It could also indicate other things.

I have a 99 Pontiac GTP how do you turn the service engine soon light off?

You might be able to just disconnect the batery terminals, both of them, for a few mintues. This will probably work, but as soon as the computer relearns, it will set the light again if the problem is still present. Also a mechanic told me to disconnect the battery as decribed above and then turn on headlight switch and leave in the on position for 5 min. Then hook up Battery and start car the light should be off. Keep in mind if you don't fix the problem first the computer will trigger the light again.

What causes the battery on a 1994 Chevrolet astro van drain I replaced my old ac delco battery with a new one 2 weeks ago..the battery drains to nothing..what might be a cause?

Check for hidden accessory light on (glove box, stop light, etc.) Could be a bad voltage regulator contacts staying closed after engine shut down Disconnect battery cable and install a test light between cable and battery Light will illuminate if there is current flow Pull each fuse one at a time until light goes out to determine which circuit is involved Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check: What could be wrong if the battery light stays on and the battery still runs down on a 1996 windstar after installing a new battery and alternator

What needs to be done when the battery indicator light comes on for a Saturn SL1?

Take it to auto zone and they will check the alt for free. You might clean the battery cables first.

Why would parking brake light and battery light stay on in my 2003 Kia Sedona?

Park brake light - might mean the e-brake pedal is slightly moved down to initiate light. Battery light - means the alternator is bad or battery bad etc. Parking brake light also comes on when the brake fluid runs low... This happened on a 2003 kia Rio the next day the car died it is either because of a bad battery, alternator or alternator fuse

How do you reset a 2002 crv srs light?

Try for free downloads of Honda Service Manuals and Diagrams.How to keep SRS light off:In my case it was the battery: Battery was old. Take it to the car shop and have it tested under a load. Indicator might show blue = good battery but it still might be bad. Changed my battery out, reset the SRS light using the jumper wire method seen on the web and this fixed the problem. SRS light came on due to irregular voltage from bad battery. It was time to change out the battery anyways. Noticed map lights and headlight flickering during idle = bad battery or alternator. SRS light is still off on my car.

My car stopped today the battery light when on does that mean i need a new battery it started then slowed down what's the problem help?

Might not be the battery ... something in the charging circuit (alternator, generator, voltage regulator, etc) could also be causing this "something's wrong" light to come on in the dashboard.

1999 neon wont do anything when turning ignition?

check the battery conections they might be loose or even the starter conections if that doesn't work charge your battery first before trying again

How do you cut off air bag light 1998 528 i?

maybe u can disconnect the battery and then reconnect it... might work

Saturn no crank no light no start whats wrong Is that ignition switch problem?

if you meen NO LIGHT in the instrument pannel just check the battery, might be really dead

Traxxas rustler speed control solid red light?

your battery might be too hot or not good. also you might have the wrong channel in your controler. check the frequency.

How does it help if you have a rechargeable battery?

it might break your battery

What would cause the blower and AC to stop working while the battery charge light illuminates in the dashboard simulataneously?

A blower motor shutting off with a battery charge light lit might mean that there is a problem with the power supply going to the blower motor. A bad battery or alternator could also be the cause for this.