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It could be the alternater.

AnswerSome cars have a safety switch that shuts the engine off when the oilpressure is to low, but if those lights came on when the car stalled it might be because the lights on the instrument panel that turns on when you start the car usually turns on when it stalls.
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Q: Why might a car stall shortly after the oil and battery light came on and not start again?
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Why would a battery drain while car is not running?

A light in your car might be on, running down the battery!!

My Game Boy Advanced SP's screen turned blank and the LED light shut off Is their anyway to repair it?

charge it then try again the battery might have died

Why does battery die when the car is not running?

u might of left the frickin light on

Why does the battery light stay on after replacing the alternator 2009 Chevy Malibu?

You might have a bad battery, a poor connection between the battery and alternator, or a bad ground from the battery.

What does it mean when your battery light flashes on your 1988 crown Victoria?

Check the volts right from the battery, might be a faulty alt.

Explain one reason why the flashlight might not light?

A flashlight may not light if there is no energy source or in this case battery.

How do I reset the battery light on a 2004 grand am?

Refer to your owners manual. It should have it listed under battery maintanence If light is still on you probably haven't fixed the problem so it might be your alternator or it could be your battery.

What might cause the battery light to stay on a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

Bad Alternator, Bad Battery, loose cables

Why would the battery light stay on after battery replacement on 2004 ford ranger edge?

It might have something to do with the alternator.......... or maybe there is a short in the wiring

Why would your battery light glow all the time even when the key is off?

Whether the key is on or not, you have a low battery and it might need replacing.

What does it mean when the Service Engine Soon light comes on along with the battery light?

It is possible that your alternator might be going out. It also could be a problem with your battery. You should have it checked by a professional or you could be stranded .

Can you stick a battery up your anus?

That sounds risky - it might get stuck, and you might need to go to a hospital to get it out again. Somewhat dangerous... as well as embarrasing.

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