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Why might the MPG not be as high as expected?


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Just a few notes:

A '92 & it's now 2003 how many miles does it have? My '92 Toyota has over 200,000 so I don't expect it to match listed sources on anything.

Is the air filter clean? Dirty or damaged air filters will hurt your gas mileage.

With all the new stuff listed, that means you got a tune-up right? If not you should.

Those tests to determine gas mileage are PROBABLY 1) with no added weight 2) minimal or no wind resistance 3) level surface.

So, do you normally have four people in your car or total passenger weight over 500 lbs? Got a lot of stuff in the trunk? Live somewhere really windy? Driving on a lot of hills?

Lastly, have you been driving a 5-speed long? I've ridden with people that don't shift well. I mean their timing is not very good so they're driving in a lower gear than they should be, or shifting too soon so the engine isn't working at peak.

And, if you got it used, you might be shifting right, but maybe the person that had it before you for X years wasn't, causing more wear & tear than normal for the miles listed on the odometer.

explain the problem. If you're 130 lbs & drive alone & carry no junk & had a tune up & got a new air filter & have under 100,000 miles, find a few friends with 5-speeds & compare driving styles.

When the EPA does gives out it figures for a vehicle fuel efficiency, they don't actually drive the car and see how much it uses. They measure the output and content of the exhaust gases, and use a mathematical formula they created in the '70s to figure out the vehicles milage. This provides a consist test across all vehicles, unfortunately newer cars will have artificially higher mileage because the EPA can't account for differences in newer technology.

The Honda Civic VX was made with two different types of engines. One was made for most of the US and the other was made for California. Due to CA emissions, they had to use an engine that only got up to 51 mpg on the highway and 44 mpg in the city. Sounds like the driving helped a little, check tire pressure and make sure you have the original alloy tires> they are some of the lightest made for that size on a stock car. May want to drive 55-60 mph on a long trip and check your mileage.


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