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Why might the check engine light stay on in your 2001 Explorer Sport?


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2010-11-16 22:50:22
2010-11-16 22:50:22

You need to see what the code is. Most likely it is an O2 code or EVAP code both are very popular on that model.


there is a crack (or cracks) on your gas filler neck (usually near the gas cap) and the computer is detecting that gas fumes are leaking. That's what the code was on my 2001 Explorer Sport.


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If the check engine light is flashing that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

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The check engine light comes on when the engine computer has detected a malfunction and set a trouble code.

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Take it to advance auto and they will do it for free.

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A check engine light informs you that there is something wrong with the engine. After you run a diagnostic test, you will be able to tell what exactly is wrong.

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You use a scan tool after repairing the cause of the code that turned the light on.

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