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1992 and later-model civics use a single bulb for both high and low beams. There are 2 fuses per bulb, each corresponding to either a high or low beam.

Check your owners manual for the correct fuse numbers, the service manual only covers the fuse numbers for lx/ex models. If you have a bad fuse, replace it.

If the fuse isn't the problem, remove the fuse for the beam in question. Use an volt meter (or multimeter) to check for 12v at the fuse. If 12v is present on the problem circuit, one of your engine bay wires is cut. If not, the combined headlight/turn signal switch is broken.

Honda is recalling 440,000 Civics and Insights to address a problem with the cars' low-beam headlights.

The recall involves 2001-2002 model year Civics and 2000-2002 Insights.

Honda will ask owners to visit the nearest dealership, which will perform free repairs on the vehicles whether or not they show any potential damage.

this guy asked about a 1992 civic not 2001 and up!

Check the wiring with a test light. If you are getting voltage at the headlight then your low beams are burned out.

If you have no voltage, check the fuses under the dash, there is a pair for high beams and for low beams.

the high and low beams are 2 different lights. usually the high beam still works when the low beam goes out, you just have to replace the whole bulb/lense. its only like 8 bucks.

^^actually just one light bulb on these ones bud^^...check your fuses

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Q: Why might the low beam headlights on a 1992 Honda Civic not work if the high beams work fine?
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