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I temperately installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge to determine what I had for oil pressure. With the engine warmed up, idling in drive, I had 18-20 psi. This is good but the light would still flicker even with a new sending unit.

The fix,

Disconnect the electrical plug at the oil pressure sending unit. Notice the unused spaces for extra wires that are plugged with rubber dummy plugs. Remove one of the dummy plugs in that connector and reconnect the plug and your problem is solved. I seen a TBS (Technical Service Bulletin) addressing that problem. It seems the oil pressure from the engine not only has to over come the spring inside the sending unit which is normal but it also has to compress the air trapped inside the weather tight connection which is not normal.

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On a newer car like this I would expect a faulty oil pressure sender or a bad connection at the sender. Mark

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Q: Why might the oil light on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid flicker?
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It might be a dodge intrepid. The 1967 Dodge Charger had one long tail/brake light .

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You might have a fuel injector leak that causes the AC in your Dodge Intrepid to smell like gasoline. When the AC pulls air from the outside, it might be pulling some gas vapors in as well.

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check your alternator it might be bad.

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If the 1996 Dodge Intrepid will not start, there might be an issue with the battery or the starter. This could also be a problem with the solenoid or the fuel gauge or fuel pump. The problem and the fix will vary depending on whether the car is completely dead or is cranking when the ignition is turned.

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Is there a Step by step instruction on changing an alternator on a 2003 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 L?

yes there is. You might be able to find one online through the dodge website or you could so to your nearest dodge dealership and get it done. But the best bet is to buy a book on the car and look into it

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Oil always worked for me!!! ....You might have blown your headgasket! This means that your engine coolant is leaking into the oil in the engine and it causes smoke out your exhaust.

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on a 1998 intrepid it is located on the driver's side near the wheel, it is stuck between the engine block and the catalytic converter. It is a pain to replace. you might try looking there. also, your hot cable from the battery always hooks up to the starter so you might also try following it.

What cause a 98 Dodge Intrepid that you change the alternator and put a new batery but the batery light still showing and three days later after starting it its automatically died?

Check the electrical connections on the wires. Also, make sure that the new alternator is working. It is possible to get a new one that has problems. You might have to remove it and have it checked out. i have the same problem on my intrepid i changed the alt, batt, and still light on i check both alts and the first and second are good.

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