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Why might the rear window defogger not work on a '94 Cutlass Ciera?

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It could be a fuse, check the fuse panel. It could also be a short in the window wire or a short on the way to the window wire.

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Your ac unit is not working on your 95 olds cutlass ciera s?

your switch that controls the compresser might be bad.

What causes a 1990 cutlass ciera hesitate and sputter when gas pedal is depressed or crusing and symptoms stop when brake is applied?

A 1990 Cutlass Ciera might hesitate and sputter when the gas pedal is depressed because of water in the fuel or because of damaged or dirty fuel injectors. You might also have an issue with the wiring or the distributor.

How do you fix a 2002 Chevy cavalier rear window defogger?

In my case the switch to the defogger was fried and had to be replaced. I would first determine where the problem is, then get a haynes manual and see how hard it might be to fix the problem yourself. If you can't do it then take it to the dealer.

Why does the rear defogger not work on a 2001 Hyundai accent?

It is possible that the rear defogger does not work on the 2001 Hyundai Accent because the vehicle has a blown fuse or damaged wiring. The defogger might also not work because the wiring is disconnected.

Is nick in love with ciera bowman?

he might be i will just have to find out

Which fuses in the fuse block of a 1987 Cutlass Supreme controls the rear defogger and windshield wipers and washer?

I have an '87 Cutlass Supreme Broughm and my rear-defog doesnt work either but my wipers are working. My power door locks, left signal light and power seat do not work either. My 4-way hazards do work though. I am hoping that someone can tell me which fuse this might be,

Why would a 1990 Cutlass Ciera 33 start when cold then die when gas is applied?

That sounds like a transmission problem, it could be a gasket but possibly more work. You might be looking at around $250 of work but sounds like that's all that needs to be done.

What is another name for an attic window?

Another name for an attic window might be a Skylight.

Do you put hot water in a Karcher window cleaner?

No, because the window might crack

Where's the power window motor located on a 1991 cutlass cruiser?

take off the door panel it looks like a dish with about a 6 inch straight peice coming off... might need to drill the pop rivits out to take it all the way out

1988 blazer tail gate power window will close with with key in tail gate but will not open window?

The 1988 Chevrolet Blazer tailgate window motor might be bad and need to be replaced. The window motor fuse might be blown and needs to be replaced.

Why is your Oldsmobile Cutlass stalling in 3 seconds after it starts?

the security chip in the key might be bad or missing

How do you unlock the radio on a 98 cutlass?

In order to unlock the radio on a 98 cutlass, you would need to remove the dash board cover. This will grant you access to the radio which might be held by screws or nuts that you will loosen.Ê

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Right turn signals on a 1996 Cutlass Ciera burn steady Left turn works fine All bulbs front back left right are OK Turn signal flasher checked and is fine Any clue what might be wrong?

Check the wires. If they are fine then check the connector at the end of the wires where it connects to the bulb. If that is fine too then replace the bulbs. I did that to mine and it fixed it.

The Open Window?

You should get that fixed, someone might break in.

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Why is the cutlass stalling when idling but rides fine when you hit the gas?

Is it carburated? If so I'd check that out, might need to be retuned or something.

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