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Why might the speakers not work after replacing the radio in a 1995 Mercury Mystique?


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2004-09-19 00:33:57
2004-09-19 00:33:57

so ford radios have a stock amp. located in the back of the car. You have to buy a special harness to bypass this. Check out a great site called


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check in the trunk right below the speakers there might be a lever there my 1996 model that's where they where

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A little more information please . What year , four cylinder or V6 , automatic or manual transmission . Then someone can probably answer your question about the coolant system capacity of a Mercury Mystique . Thanks ( also might need to know if it has air conditioning )

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5x7 / 6x8 in the front doors and 6x9 in the rear. See detailed instructions for replacing both front and rear speakers at the links below: Front: Rear: It's a 6X8 speaker. Never changed them; however, installers charge very little to do it and they have the right tools. Usually they have lifetime warranty on installtion. Might as well let them do it.

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yep, that just might be the case, i just actually walked in from fixing the same problem, just replace the fuse and it should be fine

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Older computers might have mercury, but most modern computers are Mercury-Free.

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