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have you checked the fliud in it yet?if not check it first.. if it's a manual transmission check the cables that run from the trannie to the shifter. make sure theres no play,and all the bolts and clips are in place on the shifting bracket, and if it's automatic then makesure there are no leaks which will cause the trannie to not run properly..torq-converter might be going out. I hope that answers your question. If the car is making grinding noises in the lower gears, you probably have a planetary gear going out, or it could be your clutch. The best thing to do is get it fixed immediatly or your whole tranny will fail. your car's "brain" tells it to only shift in 3rd when there is a problem with the transmission as a safety to keep from creating more damage to and already sick tranny. Check your transmission silonoid valve connection. should be located on the left of the transmission. one of the four prongs could be damaged

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Q: Why might the transmission in a 1996 Elantra shift into third or R but will run in 1st and 2nd?
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If its not the shift solenoids what could prevent the transmission from shifting into third gear and overdrive?

If your transmission is not shifting into third gear and overdrive it could be a parking pawl. This prevents the transmission from rotating.

Why does third gear grind on a 1998 jeep wrangler?

Your transmission synchros might be going out. Also, shift slower and see if that helps. A Jeep isn't a racecar, so shifting slower is easier on the transmission. Changing transmission fluid to a different brand might also help your problem.

Why won't the transmission shift from 2nd to third most of the time on a 1994 silverado?

because it was made by General Motors. but also because your transmission is about to go. you should do a transmission flush. if that doesn't work you could always drive the truck through a mine field that might make it shift into 3rd or 4th more frequently..

Why wont your gear shift work after you replaced your radio in your 96 jag x300 xjsport?

there might be a short in the transmission wiring that might have happened when you swapped out the radio if it's stuck in third gear, that's probably the issue

Why won't a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo transmission shift from third to overdrive?

Could be low fluid,a bad sensor or transmission going bad.

If 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with automatic transmission won't shift from second gear to third gear any suggestions as to why?

In automatic transmissions the second to third syncronizers always seem to go bad first, the syncronizers are worn, bad or gone. This is common in these transmissions. Also you might check your trans fluid level, sometimes a low level will cause the transmission not to shift correctly.

If you have a 185 Suzuki 4 wheeler that is stuck in third gear what is wrong?

The transmission shift solenoids are bad!!

Why doesn't my 03 Mazda 6 transmission shift into third gear?

it maybe the alternator... warranty will cover you

Plymouth Voyager transmission will not shift into third?

On my 1990 Voyager, the transmission has a "safe," or "limp" mode. If something is wrong with the trans, it will not shift out of second gear. This is supposedly to allow you to drive to the repair shop at a reduced speed.

My auto transmission on a 1994 buick will not shift from third gear?

check fuses check for 12v supply at transmission-- wire @ 12 oclock on trans connector

What causes a transmission to not catch first third and fifth but catch second and third in a 97 Honda prelude five speed?

Damaged/broken shift forks

Toyota Avalon automatic will not shift to third gear when cold?

Are you sure that it's third it's not shifting into, and not fourth? The transmission is designed to not permit shifts into fourth (overdrive) until the engine and transmission have warmed up a bit.

03 vw beatle stays in third and wont shift to fourth?

Is there a button to activate the overdrive on the transmission. If the button is activated and not in overdrive mode the car will never shift into 4th gear.

If a 1998 Chevy Malibu automatic sometimes does not shift into third gear does it need a new transmission or just transmission service?

changing the fluid on the transmission if it already has a problem might make the problem worse. you probably dont need a whole transmission. the one you have is fixable. it would be necessary to take the vehicle to your nearest transmission shop for further diagnosis to determine if the problem is internal or external. They might tell you that the transmission would have to be removed from the vehicle in order to determin the problem. if so, most shops offer to do this at a reasonable price.

Magna Automatic transmission jerks into third gear?

Check the transmission fluid first to make sure that its full. If the transmission is high mileage then it might need a filter and fluid change. If the Filter is ok then the transmission might need a rebuild.

1994 Ford Taurus will not go into third gear?

Why wont my 1994 Ford Taurus GL 6cyl Auto transmission shift into third(high) gear. It will only reach speeds of about 35mph +/-

What would cause a 1991 Honda Accord automatic transmission to not shift out of third gear?

The transmission may need a flush and filter, or in my 92 accord I solved the problem merely by changing the transmissions computer.

When your Chrysler Concorde 1995 3.5 engine gets hot the transmission does not shift to third gear properly?

You need to have the transmission computer checked for codes. It will default into second gear only when a malfunction is detected.

What speed does a 3 speed transmission shift into 3rd?

aprox 28-30 mph but it depends if the vehicle is accelerating or not. If the vehicle is under hard acceleration it may not shift into third gear until much later.

Why want an automatic transmission shift to third gear?

Your transmission's filter may be clogged, you may be low on transmission fluid, or the transmission may need repair or replacement. If the transmission was full of fluid, I would suggest a transmission flush, or replacing the transmission filter and fluid. If this doesn't help the transmission may actually be damaged and may need repair or replacement.

How many times does the 2004 Lincoln LS suppose to shift?

The LS has a five speed transmission. Therefore it shifts from first to second, second to third, third to fourth and fourth to fifth. Four shifts.

How can a car have paddle shifters and a manual transmission?

The Pagani Huayra has paddle shifters mounted behind the wheel but also has a stick shift manual in the standard location for a stick shift. But if you shift with the paddle then want to shift with the manual stick, how does that work? Because you can technically be in second in the stick, then paddle into third, then stick back into third or whatever you want. The gear that you put the paddle into won't correspond to the gear that the stick is in. How does this work?

Why cant you find first or second gear on your dodge neon far left goes straight to third and fourth?

It is likely that the shift cable bushings at the transmission have failed.

What is the problem when 98 galant wont shift into third gear?

3rd gear is gone or you put lucos in you transmission fluied to stop the grears from slipping your best bet is to find out if anyone is having a deal to look at transmission such as amoco

Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.