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If the turn signal does not work at all, the first thing to check is the fuse. either test the fuse with an ohm meter to verify that the circuit is complete, or replace it with a fuse you know is working. The amperage (number on the fuse) should be the same. If that doews not cure the problem, you should make sure the flasher is good. Often they are not too expensive and can just be changed. If this still does not work, user a test light to verify that there is power to the fuse, and then the light socket can be tested. It is rare that all the turn signal lights would be burned out. If there is light, but not flashing, on most general motors cars, the light will not flash if there is a bulb burnt out, so locate the burned out bulb and replace it. Another problem that exists in older vehicles is the loss of one or more critical grounds. Cleaning the sockets and measuring the resistance to ground will give you an ideal of what is going on there. If both elements light up (runnig and brake) at the same time then you may have lost the ground and the light is finding ground through another bulb some place. If some one has replaced the six volt flasher with at 12 volt unit you will have a steady turn lamp that will not blink.

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Q: Why might turn signals on a Buick not work?
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98 buick lesabre flashers work but turn signals don't. what do i try next?

what do i try next? i tried a new flasher on the steering column. my flashers work, but turn signals don't.

Why might the turn signals in the dash of a 2000 Pontiac Firebird not work?

If the turn signals in the dash don't work, what about the outside front and rear turn signals? Working? Not working? If it's not working, replace the turn signal relay under the dash.

1993 Bonneville changed fuses but turn signals still do not work?

Might be turn signal flasher

Why do turn signals not work?

they do work

Your turn signals stop working and fuse is good hazzard lights work but no turn signals?

my turn signals do not work in my 1992 Pontiac Firebird

Why dont the brake lights or the turn signals in back of 1987 buick riviera work The turn signals in front do work?

I had the same problem with my 87 Riv. It was a burnt out bulb in the rear of the car. My front signals did work and as they run on different circuits, check and replace the bulbs. Access to the back lights are inside the trunk back.

Your Buick park ave turn signals won't flash but your emergency flashers work?

Depending on year of vehicle - may have a separate turn signal flasher that may be defective

Why would your hazard lights work but both turn signals do not work on a Chevy s10 pickup?

hazards and turn signals have separate flashers. replace flasher for turn signals

On my 99 Ford Expeditions the turn signals does not work but the hazard lights do?

If your 1999 Ford Expedition has turn signals that do not work but hazard lights that do work, it is likely that you have a fuse that is blown. You might also have a wiring issue including exposed wiring.

2004 buick rendezvous brake and turn signals work but no taillights. its all one bulb. also the dash keeps saying parking lamp out. but the bulb is the same as the turn signals and the turn signals wo?

Some bulbs have two filaments in them. One could be burnt out and the other will still work. These bulbs will have two posts at the base rather than just one.

The turning signals work in a 1991 lebaron?

That is a good thing. You want the turn signals to work.

Why would neither front turn signals work on a 1997 Buick Century even after replacing the bulbs?

Probably a ground problem. Find the common ground for the lights.

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