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Why might you be late for your period if you had your tubes tied?

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well I had my second son 1 yr ago and I got my tubes tied after my son was born during a c-section. It is March 2,2006 and my period is two weeks late. I am a person that has had regular periods and I was not on Birth Control. I am having signs of pregnancy but I am not sure. I am hundred percent sure that if your period is late after getting your tubes that it can mean you are pregnant or there is something going on with your body. I am going to give it a couple more days and find out and see. If anybody else can help with some answers that would be great.

2006-03-03 04:53:58
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Is it common to get your period late while your tubes are tied?


Can you still be pregnant and have your periods with your tubes tied?

If your tubes are tied you are NOT pregnant, but you WILL have a period.

Can a woman become pregnant when her tubes are tied and she has her period?

No a woman can't get pregnant if she got her tubes tied no matter if she's on her period or not.

Is it dangerous to not have a period?

Missed period tubes are tied

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied almost 6 years and now are having pregnancy symptoms such as bloating late period and upset stomach?

You can't get pregnant if you had your tubes tied. It's not medically possible.

Your tubes are tied and you had a two day period this month and it was brown what could be wrong?

i have had my tubes tied for five years and i have never missed my period and it has never been late i had a mri done last year and it showed that i had a cyst is it possible that my period this month was brown and only lasted for two days because of the tubes being tied or because of the cyst or could i be pregnent?

Your tubed are tied but you missed your period?

i had my tubes tied in 2005 but this month im late and have sore breast i took one it came out neg what chould i do

With a tubal ligation can you have a period and be pregnant?

when you get your tubes tiedyes and no when you get your tubes tied you can still have your priod but no you can no get pregant.yes you can become pregnant after your tubes are tied, burned, etc. It is very rare but possible.

Can your periods stop completely after tubes are tied?

Periods will stop at menopause. Getting your tubes tied won't stop your period.

Could you be pregnant if you are five days late on your period and you have had your tubes tied?

Not likely, maybe hormonal changes. If you are pregnant you have a good law suit.

Brown discharge and late period?

my tubes are like 5 days late for my period...I have been having a brownish discharge for about two weeks now,along with getting dizzy at times,i have had no pain...what should I do?

My period was almost 3 weeks late and when it did show up it was lighter shorter my tubes r tied and i have pregnancy symptoms could i be pregnant?


Why do you have your period if you have your tubes tied?

My mom had it done so I know for a fact that you still get your period.

If you get your tubes burned do you still get a period?

the answer is yes i had my tubes tied and burned two years ago and i still get a period every month

I had my tubes tied but I haven't had my period in 2 months and have pregnancy symptoms can I be pregnant and could I have the baby?

I believe your not able to have a baby after you've had your tubes tied.

What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

Is it normal to be spotting after a regular period when I have had my tubes tied?

yes yes

How long after having your tubes tied do you have a period?

2-4 weeks.

What if i haven't had a period since April 26 and my tubes are tied?


How long is your first period after having your tubes tied?

Three days long

Will your periods fluctuate after having your tubes tied?

Yes, you won't have a period anymore.

If you have gotten your tubes tied how do you still get your period?

You still ovulate and the uterus still shed the old lining. Having your tubes tied only prevents the egg from entering the uterus.

Could i be pregnant since my period is three days late but your tubes are tied?

there has been some cases of pregnancy for women with tied tubes because they some how become untied unexplained but it is virtually impossible i suggest waiting awhile and if after 3 more days nothing go see the doctor

I am 35 years old and tubes are tied but period is 16 days late?

Your period should not be delayed more than a few days, but it is not unheard of either. You should be examined by your doctor, just in case though.

If I got my tubes tied in 1996 but this month my period was a couple days late and when it came it was not normal can you be pregnant?

It is not likely, but if it would make you feel better, you can take a test to confirm.