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Stress or weight loss are two possibilities. If you have lost a lot of weight recently it could distrupt your cycle.

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Q: Why might you miss your period for two months and have only light spotting for a few days if urine and blood pregnancy tests were negative?
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Why have you been spotting for 4 days now my period is 2 months late and pregnancy test negative?

Well there could be many answers to this questions but i have found it that when i start worknig out more frequently then my period either starts getting lighter or is spotting.

What does that little spotting in the first two weeks of my pregnancy?

Yes, one can get some amount of spotting in the initial months of pregnancy but it is not a period. However if it continues you must show it to the doctor.

You have irregular periods But last month you missed a period and pregnancy test was negative This month around your period you are having a pink spotting Are you pregnant?

spotting is Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you been spotting through out your period and took pregnancy test it was negative?

yes if the test was wrong

You had brown spotting for 2 days then on the third day it turned into red spotting and all your pregnancy tests are coming out negative whats going on?

If you have a negative pregnancy test, you are probably not pregnant. What makes you think it's not your period? (ie. did you have a pos pregnancy test earlier?)

Could I be pregnant if I was due to have my period had it for a day stopped and now I'm spotting brown Pregnancy test was negative but have all physical pregnancy symptoms.?

That's a classic sign. You could be. A lot of time people think that it there period and months later find out ther months pregnant that why the doctor always ask when was your last normal period

You have irregular but you havent had it in months then get some spotting yet a pregnancy test was negative should you take another test if you still have not had your period but you show pregnancy si?

It may be your birth control if you are taking any they cause irregular periods.

No period for 3 months no spotting 1 negative home test What should I do I am married?

See the doctor

What does it mean when you are spotting and you late on your period but you test negative on the pregnancy test?

It means you are either having a very light period already, or it is still coming.

If an HPT is negative but you are spotting on and off for a few days before your period is due and there are no other signs of pregnancy can you be pregnant?


Is it normal to get a positive pregnancy test and then a negative and a period and continued spotting?

No. It is possible that you may have miscarried. Go and see your doctor

What does it mean if your period is five days late and you saw very light pink spotting once and a pregnancy test 1 day prior to when your period was due came negative?

Could you be pregnancy

Have fluttering in stomache but got period?

Pregnancy is still a possibility. Many women can confuse spotting during pregnancy for a period but it's not. Spotting during pregnancy is normal. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Why No period in 3 months but 2 negative pregnancy tests?

Go see your GP.

Can you have a period at the begin of your pregnancy?

not a period but its called spotting it happens at the beginning of your period

You gave had the paragard IUD for 4 years you are one month late for your period and you are now experiencing light spotting you have taken hpts but they are all negative Any chance you still could be?

If you are using the IUD, have spotting, and have multiple negative pregnancy tests, pregnancy is not a likely explanation.

If spotting a wk before period and never come on period but still spotting can you be pregnant?

ANSWERYES, pregnancy is possible but could be other reasons for spotting and missed period.

Is spotting right before your period mean that your are not pregnant?

No. Spotting can occur during pregnancy.

Is it normal after IUD removal to have normal periods for three months then spotting the fourth month?

Your menstrual pattern four months after IUD removal is not related to the IUD. Take a pregnancy test, since your period in the fourth month without birth control was only spotting. If you continue to have spotty periods even with a negative pregnancy test, you can call your health care provider for advice if it's concerning to you.

Does spotting on the same day of your period is a sign of pregnancy?


Is brown spotting considered the last period for pregnancy?


I have light spotting with cramps but no period?

Light spotting with cramps but no period means it's time for a home pregnancy test.

Are you pregnant if your having spotting during your period and then miss your next period?

Spotting is very common during the course of pregnancy and the combined symptoms of spotting then a missed period certainly could indicate pregnancy. However it is very common for women who are not pregnant to have a missed period or spotting. I suggest a pregnancy test which are readily available at almost any store and to consult your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you have not had a normal period in 2 months but you have had occasional spotting and now you have some clear or slightly yellow discharge?

Possibly. Take a home pregnancy test, and if it's negative, and you still haven't gotten your period, go to a doctor or planned parenthood.

You took 2 pregnancy tests and both came back negative you havent started your period for 2 months now you have light spotting from time to time Could you be pregnant?

It is more likely that you are having irregular periods for whatever reason, and the spotting is what you are having as a period. If you miss another month, it probably is time for a checkup with your doctor.