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Why not clamp negative clamp to battery?


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Because there may be a spark when you connect a jumper cable negative clamp to the battery post which can cause an explosion. Batteries emit hydrogen gas which is very volitive. Always connect the negative clamp to the engine or another ground point on the vehicle.

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Negative battery or jump start post.

Yes. Connect the negative clamp from one charger to the positive clamp of the other, then the remaining clamps to the battery terminals.

REMOVAL Turn the ignition switch to the Off position. Be certain that all electrical accessories are turned off. Loosen the battery negative cable terminal clamp pinch-bolt hex nut. Disconnect the battery negative cable terminal clamp from the battery negative terminal post. If necessary, use a battery terminal puller (2) to remove the terminal clamp from the battery post. Loosen the battery positive cable terminal clamp pinch-bolt hex nut. Disconnect the battery positive cable terminal clamp from the battery positive terminal post. If necessary, use a battery terminal puller (2) to remove the terminal clamp from the battery post. Remove the battery cables from the battery. Remove the battery thermal guard (1). Remove the battery hold down bolt (1) and battery hold down (2) from the battery. WARNING: Wear a suitable pair of rubber gloves (not the household type) when removing a battery by hand. Safety glasses should also be worn. If the battery is cracked or leaking, the electrolyte can burn the skin and eyes. Remove the battery from the battery tray.

Replace the battery cable with an OEM style cable. Do not use a clamp on terminal.

positive goes to the battery and negitive goes to a ground clamp on the frame..

To jump a battery is exactly the same as you would jump start any other cars in the world. 1. Connect the jumper cable positive clamp (Red color) to the positive post of the dead battery. 2. Connect the jumper cable negative clamp (Black color) to the negative post of the dead battery. 3. Connect the other jumper cable positive clamp (Red color) to the positive post of a good battery. 4. Connect the other jumper cable negative clamp (Black color) to the negative post of a good battery. 5. Start your Mercedes. 6. Reverse the 1-4 steps when the car starts successfully. Note: Step 3, and 4 could be a good strong battery, or a battery on a running car.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and then remove the positive cableRemove the battery heat shieldRemove the battery hold-down clamp boltLift out battery

disconnect the wires starting with the negative post first. there is a clamp holding the battery down at the base of the battery in the middle of the long side. loosen the bolt and tilt the battery out.

Have someone park their car nose to nose o along side the Audi. With their car running, attach the red clamp to the positive terminal of the Audi battery and the corresponding red clamp to the positive terminal of their carâ??s battery. Then attach the black clamp to the negative terminals on both vehicles.

First disconnect the negative battery cable, then disconnect the positive battery cable. Batteries usually are held down by a clamp or bracket. Unbolt or unhook the bracket. and remove the battery. Installation is the reverse. Hook negative cable last. HTH

There are two types of battery cable connections. The clamp type connects to a post on the battery and is held in place by a nut and bolt which squeeze the sides of the clamp tightly around the post. Disconnect by loosening the clamp's nut and then wiggling the clamp off of the post, start with the negative cable (black one). The bolt on type (sometimes referred to as 'side terminal' type) is bolted directly to the battery. To disconnect this type, simply unbolt it and remove the cable end from the battery. Again, start with the negative (black) cable. If the goal is not removal of the battery, but disconnection of power to the vehicle for servicing, disconnection of only the negative (black) cable is sufficient.

Open the hood, disconnect the negative battery cable FIRST, then the positive cable, then remove the battery hold down clamp, then lift the battery out. Install in reverse order.

Battery is located on the passeger side. Remove the air filter that covers it. Remove negative cable on left side of battery. Then remove positive cable on right. Then remove battery drain tube on left side of battery. Remove two nuts on positive side of battery on clamp that secures it to vehicle. Remove battery and replace with new one. Then secure battery clamp with two nuts remove. Then replace drain tube, positive and then negative cables. Last replace air filter over battery.

Something is not right. Are you connecting the positive & negative cables to the corresponding + & - posts on the battery? Sounds like you have them reversed. If you have them connected right then just add a piece of metal to the clamp to take up the slack or buy a new clamp.

dead batt. pos. to pos on good car neg. of god car to some place metal on deaD car Let me see if I can help... Take the positive (Red) clamp and clamp it on to the positive side of the battery, make sure that it is on the metal. Clamp the negative clamp onto a bolt going directly into metal. Do the same thing with a running car, and try then try to start your car. I believe the reason the personis asking is because the battery is located under the Windshield washer fluid resovoir. So you cannot get to the + battery post. If you notice, there is a red cap with a + on it, near the washer resovoir. This is attached to you + terminal on the battery. As for the negative, you should be able to get the clamp on the battery neg terminal, or you can just clamp it on a pice of metal on the engine or frame.

disconnect the battery cables. find the battery clamp and remove it. Lift the battery out, then set then new one in place. Install the clamp, then connect the battery cables.

Disconnect the Regal battery cables. Find the battery clamp then remove it. Lift the battery out, then put the new one in. install the clamp, then connect the battery cables.

Start by removing the ground cable first(negative). Then remove the positive cable. At the base of the battery is a hold down clamp, held in by one bolt. Remove this and the battery will lift right out.

I am not familiar with your Cadillac, so this answer will be generic in nature and the procedure is about the same for all vehicles. First, understand that the negative cable is grounded to the metal frame and body of the vehicle. Therefore, IF you accidently touch a wrench, pliars, or any electrically conducting metal between the positive battery terminal or connector while the negative cable is attached, there will be a major electrical arc [monster spark(s)] which could injure you or cause the battery to explode, damage the wiring and/or onboard electronics, or possibly cause a fire. Therefore, DO NOT mess with or allow any contact with the positive terminal UNTIL the NEGATIVE TERMINAL CLAMP/CABLE has been disconncted first. To disconnect the negative terminal you will need a couple of wrenches, one to hold the clamp bolt while you loosen the clamp nut with the other. You do not have to remove the nut or the bolt, only loosen it well. To remove the negative cable clamp you twist and lift it. This can sometimes be done with your hands, but if it is too tight, there are battery clamp removal tools availble at almost any auto parts supply store. Sometimes they even loan tools. Once the negative cable/clamp it totally removed away from the negative terminal of the battery, you should use an old piece of string to tie it back so it cannot accidently come into contact with the negative terminal until you are ready to reconnect it. Then using the same procedure, remove the cable/clamp from the positive terminal, being careful not to allow any metal [wrenches, pliars, etc. to come into the negative and positive terminals at the same time. To reconnect the battery, just reverse these instructions.

Using a 5/16" 6 point box wrench or socket remove the negative battery cable first then the positive cable. Using a 13mm socket with a 10" extension remove the battery hold down bolt and remove clamp wedge. Remove the battery, clean up battery tray and cable ends with water and baking soda and wire brush. Install new battery, reinstall battery clamp and bolt. Attach positive battery cable first then negative cable. You will need to reset clock and radio settings.

Disconnect the battery cables. The battery has a clamp holding it in, probably along the bottom edge. Remove the clamp bolt. Pick up the battery. Reverse process for installation.

No, but I'll tell you how to do it... Put the two batteries in the truck. Call them "1" and "2." Hook the positive cable from the truck to the positive of battery 1, the negative cable from the truck to the negative of battery 2, and the series-wiring cable (it's about a foot long, and it's got a battery clamp at both ends) between the negative on battery 1 and the positive on battery 2.

take the negative batter cable off, then the positive cable off, undo batter hold down clamp, take battery out. put new battery in, install batter hold down, install positive cable, then install negative cable. (in that order)

Disconnect the negative ground cable, then the positive cable. There is a center bolt holding the cables in place. Remove the battery hold down clamp which is located in front of the battery. You will probably need an rachet with an extention to get down to the hold down clamp which is between the battery and the front of the battery bracket. It may be necessary to remove the cross piece that runs across the top of the battery in order to remove it from the car. Hope this helps.

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