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Q: Why on a 1995 Geo Tracker does the signals stay on and smoke comes from the steering column when the vehicle is started What is wrong?
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How do I equip my vehicle with a hidden gps tracker?

You can have a GPS tracker added to your vehicle by the manufacturer or by the dealer who sells your vehicle. You can also purchase one for your vehicle and install it yourself.

What is a vehicle tracker?

A vehicle tracker is a GPS unit attached to a vehicle that reports its position. It is used on commercial vehicles to track progress and can be used on private vehicles to recover the vehicle if it is stolen.

What if your vehicle must have electrical turn signals when the distance from the steering post to the rear of the body or load is greater than how many feet?


What does a vehicle GPS tracker do?

For personal use, a vehicle GPS tracker would be helpful if your vehicle was stolen. It would allow you to know the real time location of your vehicle via GPS signal.

What are the benefits of having a vehicle tracker?

A Vehicle tracker analyzes car and driver performance in a real-time manner accurately.It's mainly used for businesses to keep track of their drivers.

Why does your steering jerk from side to side?

It depends on the type of vehicle and the steering system that it has. If the vehicle has rack and pinion steering, it may be a bad rack and pinion. If the vehicle has a steering gear, like most older cars of pickup trucks, It could have a bad steering gear.

What length must rear of a vehicle be to require electric turn signals?

Any vehicle you drive on public roads is required to have turn signals.

Gmc jimmy - turn signals dont work - hazards work - replaced fuse and ts flasher - signals still dont work?

Well - it could be the turn signal unit in the steering column - if its a high mileage vehicle it may just be worn out. you have to remove the steering wheel and replace the unit - the part on a GMC is about $30 +/-. This may fix the problem.

What is the gross vehicle weight of a 1991 Geo Tracker?

about 1,300

Can I use a GPS Tracker in my vehicle carrying petrol?

of course you can

Is it legal for a car lot to put a GPS tracker on your vehicle?


Can motorcycles with factory turn signals take them off and use hand signals and be legal?

No, turn signals are required on the vehicle.

How do you locate an illegal hidden GPS tracker on a vehicle?

There is no simple way. You need to inspect the entire vehicle.

What will happen if you removed your power steering pump on your vehicle?

Then you won't have power steering.

How does the vehicle turns?

steering the wheel

What is the firing order for a 2003 gmc tracker 6-cylinder 2.5 liter engine?

There is no such vehicle as a GMC Tracker. The Tracker is a Chevrolet. The firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2.

Why my turn signals don't blink but the hazards blink in my 1995 blazer?

The reason why is that the turn signal flasher is defective. There are 2 flasher relays on your vehicle. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. The turn signal flasher relay is located on the driver side of the vehicle, passenger side of the steering column, under the dash, next to the cigarette lighter. It was also mounted on the driver side of the steering column under the dash on some 1995 Chevy Blazers. Be sure and look in both locations.

Can a gps vehicle tracker protect my car if it is stolen?

Yes, a vehicle tracker may help the police track down your car in the event that it is stolen. If you own an expensive car, this is probably a very good item for you to use.

In warhammer what is a multi tracker?

a multi-tracker is an upgrade for both Tau Empire vehicles and battlesuits. Vehicles with multi-tracker can shoot as though they were a fast vehicle. Battlesuits with multi-tracker are able to shoot all weapons at a time, instead of the normal 1 weapon

What is a multi function switch on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

The term "multi-function switch" on a vehicle usually refers to the stick (or sticks) on the steering column that controls turn signals, wipers, cruise control, etc.

Does a steering wheel shake damage the vehicle?

Not the steering wheel shake itself, however what is causing the steering wheel shake, can certainly be extremely dangerous and potentially cause you to lose control of the vehicle. **GET IT CHECKED OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS**

I replaced the flasher and my turn signals still don't work on my 1999 Mercury Cougar?

If you replaced the flasher on your 1999 Mercury Cougar and your turn signals are still not working, you should check the turn signal fuse. This fuse is located under the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle to the left of the steering column.

What are the benefits of using a vehicle tracker?

Some of the major benefits of using a vehicle tracker include saving money, helping service customers and productivity. Another added benefit is how it helps you reduce your footprint because it is more environmentally friendly.

What does a power steering pump do?

The pump pressurizes the power steering fluid. The fluid travels through the steering rack or steering box to aid in the making the vehicle steer easier.

Why is power steering fluid leeking from underneath your vehicle?

You have a broken hose or a blown seal in the steering system.