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Based on my experience with my 1996 Town Car, the reason that the air suspension won't lift is most likely that the air bags in the back have developed leaks which causes the pump to burn out from continuous operation. Cost for replacing the system can range from hundreds to a couple of thousand dollars depending on part cost and repair facility. Normal springs may be substituted for the air system. It is a matter of opinion whether this deteriorates the car's ride, however it eliminates the need to replace the air suspension system every 80,000 miles or so.

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Q: Why on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car if the fuse has been changed why want the air suspension air up?
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How does 1995 Lincoln Town Car air suspension work?

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

Where is air suspension pump relay located on Lincoln town car?

the relay for the air suspension is under the hood in the fuse box and its number 4. I just changed it on mine.

Where is the air suspension pump on a 1996 Lincoln town car?

I know on a 1998 model it is right next to the air filter housing.

How do you troubleshoot a rear air suspension for a 1990 Lincoln town car?

You can troubleshoot the rear air suspension of your 1990 Lincoln Town Car with a diagnostic tester. Most Lincoln dealerships have diagnostic testers.

What does a 1998 Lincoln town car look like?

Do a Google search " pictures of 1998 Lincoln Town Car "

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Yes. My 1998 Signature Town Car has the JBL premium sound system. The CD changer is located in the trunk on the drivers side next to the air suspension switch.

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How do you make the air suspension on your Lincoln town car come back on?

there is an air suspension switch located in the trunk

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the air bag compressor is under the hood on the front driver side usually under the air filter box

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Does a 98 Lincoln Town Car have struts or shocks in the front?

There are shock absorbers in the front on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car

On a 95 Lincoln town car what other suspension compressors can I use?

1990 - 1997

Where is rear air suspension module located on 1994 Lincoln town car?

In the trunk

Where is the control for the air suspension on the 2000 Lincoln town car?

Inside the trunk on the driver side. Up = suspension activated. Down = deactivated

How do you repair air suspension 1994 Lincoln Town Car suspension down leak?

I replaced the air suspension on my 1993 town car with one of Strutmasters air suspension conversion kits. My baby rides good again and they have a lifetime warranty. Hard to go wrong.

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Hose location for the air ride suspension compressor Lincoln town car?

Sounds like you might be running into the same problem I had with my 93 town car suspension. You might want to save some time and money and do what I did...check out the air suspension conversion kits at Those guys really helped me out. Justin

Suspension light is on your 93 Lincoln town car?

Make sure switch in trunk is in proper position

Where is the horn relay in a 1998 Lincoln Town Car?

In front of the radiator.

1996 Lincoln Town Car air suspension conversion kit?

A simple Google search with the term "Lincoln Air Suspension Conversion Kit" will bring up many results. Click the link for one search result.

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