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You have warped rotors. To cure the problem, you will need to remove both front rotors and have them turned by a machine shop, or replaced if they are not turnable. Be sure and replace both front sets of pads, even if they look good. Also check the calibers to make sure they are not sticking. Sticking calibers will overheat the rotors and warp them. When you put the wheels back on be sure and torque the wheel lug nuts to the proper torque, probably 80 lb/ft. Overtightened nuts will warp rotors.

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Does overdrive make your car move faster?

Overdrive lets the engine run slower at highway speeds. This saves on gas.

How tire sensor resets on 07 dodge sprinter?

They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

Will it hurt engine to drive in low on highway?

At highway speeds, YES!

What is a major characteristic of asymmetric Internet service Download speeds and upload speeds are equal Download speeds are faster than upload speeds Data traffic speeds are faster than voice?

Suck my balls

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How many gears does a 2001 Ford Escort have?

4 speeds for automatic 5 for manual

Why is it important for drivers to allow more distance between their cars when they travel at faster speeds?

Because if you are driving quickly and the driver in-front of you brakes hard then you have more time to react and have a less chance of crashing.

What is the difference between a US highway and a interstate highway?

A US highway is an all access highway, like a main road; it includes businesses, houses, and direct intersections. Top speeds on the average US highway are 55 mph. An interstate highway is a limited access highway that is meant for commute. It includes no property entrances, and interchanges at high speed. Speeds range from 65 to 75 mph (about 90 to 105 km/h).

What does it mean when you only get heat from your car when you are driving highway speeds?

If by this you mean only "hot heat" when drive at highway speeds likely thermostat bad and/or almost stuck and takes long time warm up from high engine RPM during highway driving.

When will the Warrego Highway reopen?

Warrego Highway is open as of 14/1/11 from Toowoomba to Dinmore with reduced speeds on many sections.

When can you use overdrive?

I don't use mine until I reach highway speeds.

Why does a car stop faster then a train?

Because a train is a lot heavier and travels at faster speeds.

Why are your RPMs high at high speeds?

Because your motor is spinning faster at higher speeds causing higher rpm's

Highway speeds on burgman 400?

top speed is 100mph or so, but that's not very safe to go up to on such a lite bike, on the burgman 650 exec it is but not on a 400. The fastest you'll want to go is about 85-90, no faster, that is if you want to break the traffic laws in your living area. but it will do highway speeds just fine, from 0-60 takes about 4-5 seconds depending on different factors.

I have a 1993 buick century that when you are coming to a stop it chugs i took it into Midas and they said i have a bad head gasket Or could it be something with my brakes?

White or blue smoke, and oil in the coolant are two fairly reliable signs of a blown head gasket or crack in the block or head. If it was the brakes (warped rotors also cause vibration), you would feel it vibrating faster at high speeds with light braking, and slower at lower speeds.

What makes a 2000 Tahoe shut off at highway speeds and not restart?

running out of gas??

When driving at highway speeds you must make adjustments to what?

The distance behind the car you are following

Is 70 miles a long way to drive?

It will take about about 1.5 hours at highway speeds.

How long in a semi truck will it take to drive 60 miles?

About an hour at highway speeds.

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Their cores are spinning faster.

When driving with ac on in city traffic what is reason ac does better on highway driving.?

First the car engine and thus the air conditioning compressor are running faster at highway speeds, so the unit is capable of more cooling. Second highway speeds force more air over the condenser coils which are in the front of the car, which means they are more efficiently cooled by the outside air thus allowing the system to more efficiently cool the inside of your car. You might want to check the "charge" of the system if it gets really cold on the highway, and is less than adequate in the city.

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"Faster" refers to speeds. Miles and kilometers are units of distance, not of speed.

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