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Why should Mexicans be allowed in the US?

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Because they are human beings just like we are. plus if you look back at everyone's etnicity no one is originally from the US anymore! think about it When Christopher Columbus came over he ran the Indians south, where is Mexico? Down south, so the Indians met up with the Spainards and created the people we are trying to keep out of this country. Yea they do work for less and harder but in reality it is just to make a livig in this country and survive the white mnan's system. They moved the Indians off their land and claimed it. They forced the black people here to do their work for them and now when the people that are probably part of the forced removals are wanting to come back and make a living here in the United states they are made to leave and put into cages like they are some kind of animals. Remember the Lord and His son who Died on the cross for all of our sins. He created all people as his own and you still discriminate when you should be helping out our fellow man. Before if you look back in history the United States and Mexico was one, before the great divide and the Mexicans down south are part of the native Americans who are living here. THE LAND WAS DIVIDED NOT THE PEOPLE.

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Why should Mexicans be allowed to cross the US borders?

Mexicans and people of any nationality should NOT be allowed to cross the U.S. borders illegally, and they certainly should NOT be allowed to stay in the U.S. if found. On the other hand, not all Mexicans are entering the U.S. illegally. Those who enter the U.S. legally should be welcome in the country.

Why should Mexicans be banned from America?

Mexicans should not be banned from America, unless they travel illegally. Mexicans are allowed to travel to any countries if they are not doing illegally. I am also Mexican and think that banning us Mexicans from the US and Donald Trump's wall are a bad idea.

Should Mexicans be allowed to become citizens in the US?

Any person can become a US Citizen by fulfilling all lawful requirements.

Why arent Mexicans allowed in the US?

Mexicans ARE allowed in the US. As visitors and legal immigrants. When people from any country want to come to the US to stay, live and work, there are laws that cover the procedures to do that. Many people in Mexico have ignored that law, and moved into the US illegally.

Why should the us get rid of Mexicans?


What food are Mexicans not allowed to eat?

There are no food restrictions for Mexicans. Mexican is a nationality, not a religion.

How many Mexicans live in the US?

there's like 84,000 mexicans in the us

Why can Mexicans come and bomb the US?

Because the Mexicans are faking to be nice so the US thinks they are friends.

Why shouldn't immigrants be allowed into the US?

I do think that imigrants should be allowed to enter the US because This is a free country.

What is The largest immigrant group in the US?

The largest immigrant group in the US are Mexicans, of which about 800,000 Mexicans migrate to the US every year.

Are Mexicans leaving the US?


Why did the Mexicans immigrate to the us in the 1930's?

a "better life" MEXICANS (:

Do Hispanic Baseball players pay US Taxes?

mexicans should not be playing baseball it is an american sport

If prayers were allowed in the US which religious prayer should be prayed?

This question is moot since prayers are indeed allowed in the US.

Should Mexicans stay in Mexico?

No. Mexicans are allowed to enter the United States once the Mexican and American governments have agreed for the immigrants to enter the country legally. Any immigrants from any country are allowed to enter the United States once the government has agreed for them to enter legally.

Why did Mexicans farmers dislike nafta?

Mexican farmers were not subsidized by their government; US farmers were. NAFTA allowed the subsidized US products to be sold on the Mexican market cheaper than Mexican products.

How much do Mexicans get paid in the US?

Mexicans get paid 20,000$ a year working on a farm

Is US citizenship closed to Mexicans?


How long did it take for Mexicans to immigrate to the US?

i believe that Mexicans owned part of the us, and probably had villages in the us before any of us ever set foot here

Are Christians allowed to attend fiestas?

Most Mexicans are Christians, so yes.

Should Slavery be allowed in the US?

No slavery is a terrible thing

Why is the US trying to keep Mexicans out?

Because as of late many of the Mexicans coming to America were and are illegal.

What are Mexicans made up of?

Mexicans are made up of particles of matter just like us

Should Muslims allowed to come to US?

No reasons are there for the US to not allowing Muslims to come to the US country.

Why don't they let Mexicans cross the border?

Those Mexicans with valid visas ARE allowed to cross the border. Those without visas are denied due to the fact that IF those Mexicans were to cross, they would not go back to Mexico.