Why should we care about the poem Gilgamesh 3000 years later?

I am not claiming to know the answer. However I will just record why reading Gilgamesh was important to me.

First of all, I learned that, not 3,000, but 5,000 years later humanity has not changed as much as we like to think. We are still the same types of people with the same longings and needs.

We like to think of ourselves as having changed and evolved, at least mentally, and thus are somehow better than our ancestors.

Fortunately by reading ancient texts, we come to realize that the human experience is not much different than it was so long ago. We are after all only humans interacting with nature.

Thus I would say reading Gilgamesh gives one a perspective of time and the human condition within it.

These are just some thoughts, I look forward to other responses.