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Due to variation in energy gap between valance band and conduction band....

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Q: Why silicon has more barrier potential than germanium?
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What has more shells or rings germanium or silicon?


Why leakage current of germanium is more than silicon?

Because the space charge region or depletion region is small in germanium compared to silicon hence leakage current is more in germanium than silicon

Why germanium is better than silicon?

products made by silicon are more stable than those made by germanium

Why is silicon a better semiconductor than germanium?

Silicon is a good semi conductor than germanium because silicon is more readily available, cheaper and stable.

Why silicon is the more semiconductor than germanium?

Silicon is more semiconductor than Germanium because the characteristics of silicon can be easily modified to obtain either a p-type or n-type material.

Who has more protons neon or Silicon?

Silicon has 14. Germanium has 32. You figure it out.

Why does a diode not conduct until the cut in voltage is reached?

Cut in voltage is the minimum voltage required to overcome the barrier potential. In other words it is like trying to push a large may not be possible to push a large boulder by one person but it may be done if 2 or more people try to push it together depending on the size of the boulder.....similarly....the charge carriers in the barrier region have a potential energy of about 0.6V for Silicon and about 0.2V for Germanium. so in order for the diode to conduct, it is required to overcome the potential of the charge carriers in the junction barrier region and hence only if a potential more than that of the barrier potential (cut off voltage) is applied, then electrons flow past the junction barrier and the diode conducts.

What is more referred to use si diode or a ge diode?

silicon diode is preferred more when compared with germanium diode because in silicon diode the operating voltage is 0.7v where as in germanium diode the operating voltage is 0.3v , germanium is temperature sensitive so it can be easily destroyed by increasing temperature hence silicon diode is preferred more

Why silicon has low leakage of current as compared to germanium?

Each has four valence electrons, but germanium will at a given temperature have more free electrons and a higher conductivity. Silicon is by far the more widely used semiconductor for electronics, partly because it can be used at much higher temperatures than germanium.

What is the difference between silicon and silicones?

silicon is a compound used to make silicone

What is the value of the barrier potential for a germanium diode at different temperatures?

about 0.2 V more at higher temps any closer look at the specific diodes spec sheet dopeants vary

Why is the reverse saturation current of germanium diode more than silicon?

Germanium has four number of shells while Silicon has three number of shell. therefore for germanium less energy is required to move the electron from valence band to conduction band if compared to silicon. So at room temperature for germanium their are more number of electrons present in conduction bond hence more number of holes present in the valence energy band. Due to movement of holes reverse saturation current is produced. Their is more number of hole movement in germanium comparatively therefore reverse saturation current is more than silicon for germanium. You may refer to Electronic Devices and Circuits by Allen Mottershead Regards, Zain Ijaz UCTI, Malaysia Mechatronic Engineer.