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Adolf Hitler was a man who frightened people into doing as he demanded. He may even have had a cousin of his murdered along with millions of people that were of Jewish descent. Anyone who was not blonde haired and blue eyed was a potential target. Hitler allowed doctors to experiment on those unfortunates within the concentration camps. There were many things done that are not appropriate to repeat. He was someone that most would consider evil, and others considered him demented. He did spend a lot of time with drugs in his system that added to the irrational behaviors as well.

Hitler made anti-Semitism a keystone of his Propaganda and policies and built the Nazi Party into a mass movement. He instituted sterilization measures to enforce his idea of eugenics, to create racial purity among German people. He caused the slaughter of millions of Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Slavic peoples, and many others, all of whom he considered inferior.

Hitler left Germany and much of Europe in ruins. Over 60 million people died worldwide in the war, and tens of millions more lost their health and homes. He was simultaneously obsessed with fantastic visions and blinded to reality by those very visions. However, many Germans shared at least a portion of those visions. This support made it possible for Hitler to utilize the resources of Europe's second largest population and most advanced economy to pursue his ends.

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He was a mean man and he shouldn't have been evil to all those people

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Q: Why was Hitler a villain?
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