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Massachusetts was named Massachusetts because of the Native American tribe called Massachusett. They lived in Massachusetts Bay where the pilgrims landed. Coincidentally the Wampanoag tribe leader who befriended the pilgrims was known as Massasoit (Mass-a-soy-it). The Massachusett tribe died out in the 17th century.

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Q: Why was Massachusetts named Massachusetts?
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Who named Plymouth Massachusetts?

Plymouth Massachusetts was so named because it was the port from which the Pilgrims departed England. They felt it was a fair city to be from, so they named their colony that.

Who named Massachusetts?


Who was the Massachusetts colony named after and why?

Named after the Puitans for religion freedom

Who was the colony of massachusetts named for?

the puritans

What states have towns named Quincy?

Massachusetts and Illinois have towns named Quincy.

What was the Massachusetts bay named after?

Bay State

Is Plymouth in the US?

Yes and no. There are cities named Plymouth in the US, Plymouth Massachusetts being the most famous. There is also a Plymouth in England. Plymouth Massachusetts was named after it.

What is a Massachusetts town named for a river in England?

England River: Norfolk Massachusetts town: Norfolk :)

What state was named for the Native Americans who were present when the pilgrims arrived there?

It is Massachusetts, a state in the New England region of North America. It was named after the indigenous population of the Massachusetts tribe.

What is named after John Quincy Adams?

Quincy Massachusetts

What is the name of the state that has a city named Milton?


How many cities named Peabody?

Peabody, Massachusetts

What was Cambridge in Massachusetts named after?

Cambridge University in the UK.

What does Massachusetts name mean?

"Massachusetts" means "at or above the great hill", named by a local Native American tribe.

How did Massachusetts colony get the name?

Massachusetts was named after a Massachusetts Tribe of Native Americans, meaning "at or about the great hill". Your Welcome , Alessandra

Where does the name massachusetts come from?

Massachusetts was named for the Native American tribe, the Massachusetts, and can be translated as "near the big hill." This is in reference to the Blue Hills, which are found in the state.

What was Massachusetts called before named by the US?

Massachusetts was not named by the US. From early in the settlement period the colony was called the Massachusetts Bay Colony, sometimes with more words referencing other areas like the Plymouth Plantation. The word Massachusetts is derived from a native American geographic word.

Is Cambridge University located in Massachusetts?

No, Cambridge University is not located in Massachusetts. Cambridge University is located England. However, Cambridge, Massachusetts is named for Cambridge University in England.

Capt John mason named what state?

I think its Massachusetts

What british commander in chief was named governor in Massachusetts?


What did the puritans name there colony?

They named it Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Is there anywhere in England called Massachusetts?

No, but there is a town named Boston.

How did braintree Massachusetts get its name?

It was named after the Town Braintree in Essex UK

What is Massachusetts named after?

The Massachuset Indians because they were the people who first inhabitated it.

First appearing in the 1850s what grape was named for a community in Massachusetts?