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they didn't want to get involved in confusion they wanted to stay away from trouble...

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Q: Why was Portugal a neutral country in World War 2?
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Which country was neutral in World War 2?

Portugal,Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Was Portugal neutral allied or axis powers during world war 2?

Portugal was neutral

Portugal was what in war?

first world war was with the allies. in the second world war was neutral.

Which side did Portugal support in World War 1?

Portugal remained neutral.

Who did Portugal fight with in world war ll?

Portugal was neutral during World War II so didn't fight anyone.

Was Portugal neutral during World War 1?

Yes No

Which country remained neutral during world war 2?

In Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and the Republic of Ireland.

What country in Europe never fought in World War 2?

Switzerland is a Neutral country. Both Spain & Portugal are also, Spain being pro fascist. Sweden supplies Iron Ore to Germany, but is Neutral throughout the war.

What were the two neutral countries in world war 1?

portugal, swiss

Why did Portugal remain neutral during world war 1?

Portugal did not remain neutral. Portugal entered the war in 1914 on the Allied side, but like Russia and Italy was forced to drop out before the war ended. The Miracle of Fatima allegedly took place in Portugal in 1917 after Portugal withdrew from the war.

World War II neutral countries?

Neutral countries were Switzerland, Sweeden, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland

Who stayed neutral in World War 2?

Switzerland ,Spain ,Portugal, Sweden,

Who was neutral in second world war?

I believe Switzerland was a neutral country

Why did Portugal enter world war 1?

Portugal entered World War 1 as a result of Germany declaring war on the country. Germany did not like that Portugal was docking on its harbor.

What were neutral countries that fought in World War 2?

With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

How did world war 2 affect Portugal?

Portugal was neutral in WW2. The capital, Lisbon, however, was known as a place for espionage by all participants in the War.

What is a neutral coutry?

A neutral country is one who is not a belligerent in the conflict. Switzerland was a neutral country during the 2nd World War.

What are countries called who remained neutral during the war?

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Which countries remained neutral in World War II?

Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal

What european countries were neutral?

Neutral Powers throughout World War 2: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

What countries were not involved in World War 2?

Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain were neutral countries in World War 2.

What countries were were involved in world war 2?

Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain were neutral countries in World War 2.

Who were neutal in World War 2?

from Neutral Countries in World War 2: Some of the countries that were neutral in WW2 were Sweden, Switzerland and Paraguay. Less famously: Lichtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Turkey, Nepal, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bhutan, Spain, Portugal. More input: No European country remained neutral. Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland all worked to some extend with the Axis. There was one other European country that remained neutral in WWII: the Republic of Ireland.

What was the role of Denmark in World War 1?

Denmark was a neutral country in World War I

Neutral states in world war 2?

Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, South America