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The state of Viginia gets its name from Elizabeth I "Virgin Queen" as she never married.. its referred to as the Commonwealth of Virginia... it was rich in Natural Resources and its location was ideal.

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Q: Why was Virginia the colony founded?
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When was Virginia colony founded?

Virginia was founded by English colonists in 1607.

What colony was founded by the London Company?

The Virginia colony

What was the last colony founded in America?

The last colony to be founded in America was the colony of Georgia. It was founded in 1732, while the first colony was formed in 1607, Virginia.

Who founded Virginia colony?

The English

Jamestown was founded in what colony?


Which colony was founded 100 years after the Maryland colony?


What colony was founded first?

The colony of Virginia was founded first out of the New England settlement in 1607.

This was the first colony founded in 1607?

Virginia was founded in 1607.

The oldest colony of Virginia founded in 1607 which colony was just south of Virginia?

North Carolina

First colony founded?

It was Virginia. Virginia was founded in 1607 By John Smth for religious purpoes.

What colony was founded in the year 1607?

In the year 1607 Virginia was founded

Trading company that founded Virginia?

The Virginia Company of London founded Virginia. They also founded the colony of Jamestown, which was one of the first English colonies in America.

Who founded the colony of Virginia?

The London Company

What is the oldest colony?

Virginia it was founded in 1607

What was the first colony founded in 1607?


In which state was the Jamestown colony founded?


What was the first colony and when was it founded?

Virginia in 1607.

Jamestown founded in 1607 was in which colony?


Who founded the colony in Virginia?

Aroldis Chapman

Why was Virginia colony founded in what year?


Who founded Virginia?

Virginia was founded by the London Company in 1624 as a royal colony. It included the original settlement of Jamestown that was founded in1607.

What colony was founded by john smith?

John Smith did not found a colony. The Virginia Company founded a colony at Jamestown, Virginia. It turned into a disaster. He took it over, turned it around, and made it successful.

Was Virginia the first colony founded in the New world?

Yes, the first colony that was found was Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607.

Who founded virgina-?

Virginia was founded by the London Company 1624 as a Royal Colony.

Why was the North Carolina colony founded?

The North Carolina colony was founded because the Virginia colonist wanted to have religious freedoms

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