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Why was john Locke important?

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john Locke was a philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment. His ideals that all men have the right to life liberty, and property inspired Thomas Jefferson as he was authoring the Declaration of Independence.

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What does John Locke have to do with the French and Indian War?

Why was John Locke important to the French and Indian War

Who was john Locke and why was he so important?

He was a man who lived in the 1700s%)

What did John Locke believe was the purpose for government?

John Locke put forth the idea that the most important role of government was to provide for the common good of its citizens.

Who believed that nations is more important than the indivisual?

john Locke

Who were john Locke and braon de montesquieu?

Important figures in the Enlightenment.

John Locke and John Stuart Mill are important philosophers for which of the following ideologies?

Liberalism. Locke starts with the theory of natural rights while Mill starts with utilitarianism.

Acrostic poem for John Locke?

A poem on John Locke

What two important ideas of john locke are reflected in the Constitution-?

The two important ideas of John Locke that are reflected in the Constitution are that people have natural rights to life, liberty and the property and the government is an agreement between ruler and the ruled.

Who was John Locke married to?

John Locke never married. Locke's father, who was also named John Locke, was a country lawyer.

What were two beliefs of John Locke?

John Locke is a good man

Did John Locke fight in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, but not the John Locke that was from England. The John Locke that fought in the Revolutionary War was the son of Col. Frances Locke from North Carolina. This John Locke (1755-1841) was a Major in the North Carolina forces and was married to Margaret Locke.

Where did John Locke live?

John Locke lived in England in 1632

Where did John Locke die?

John Locke died in Oates in England.

What profession was John Locke trained for?

John Locke studied medicine.

What is a good slogan for John Locke?

Unlock your freedom with john locke!

Who inspired john Locke?

John Locke was an English philosopher during colonial times in America. John Locke was said to be very influenced by John Milton.

Who is john Locke and what did he believe in?

John Locke was an enlightenment philosopher and believed in the natural rights of man, many correlations to the John Locke on Lost

Why were John Locke Baron de Montesquieu and Jacques Rousseau important?

they were political philosophers

When was John Locke born?

John Locke was born on August 29, 1632.

Does John Locke believe in democracy?

Yes. John Locke believed in democracy.

Why is John Locke considered an enlightenment thinker?

How was John Locke an enlightenment thinker?

What documents did John Locke sign?

John Locke did not sign anything in his life.

What did John Locke do in the Revolutionary War?

John Locke fought in the Revolutionary War.

Who did john Locke marry?

There are no records of John Locke ever being married.

What did John Locke invent?

John Locke is commonly known as the "Father of Liberalism."

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