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The American colonies were the first ever to revolt against a mother country.

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Q: Why was justifying the revolution so necessary?
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Can you make a sentence the word justifying?

Justifying means giving a reason for one's actions. He is so busy justifying his remarks that he is missing the point of the conversation.

What does justifying steps mean?

justifying steps means to show that the work you have done is accurate and correct so basically checking your work.

Was the revolution in agriculture necessary to the Industrial Revolution?

Yes, it was necessary because the inventions that were created had help aid the industrial revolution

Why was justifying the American Revolution important?

The patriots had to establish themselves in the world. They didn't want to be a country that no one could trust.

Why is revolution not necessary for the change?

revolution is not necessary for change bcoz the society by droughts,winds,snow etc.

Was new technology necessary for the Industrial Revolution?

Without the invention of new machines and technology , scientific discoveries that simply work and the Industrial Revolution could not have taken place. So new technology was necessary.

Is revolution necessary?

that depends on what type of revolution you're talking about...

What is Upton Sinclair's the Jungle novel about?

the Heart of Darkness of the American Industrial Revolution. Same hypocrisy justifying the same results...brutality for profit.

Which war was necessary to be fought?

The American Revolution

Was the French Revolution necessary for the betterment of France?


Should you capitalize revolution?

No. It's not necessary.

Why did Robespierre think that terror was necessary?

He believed if the only way for the revolution to work was through terrorizing the population so there were no uprisings.

FDR's congressional address justifying fighting in the war and protecting liberty?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did have a congressional address justifying fighting in the war.

Why was the violence in the French Revolution necessary?

The stated reason was that they were protecting the Revolution. In truth they were often naming political rivals.

What suffixes can be added to the word justify?

Justifyable, justifying,

What is the meaning of Justifying steps in algebra?

Show your work!!!(:

Was Henry VIII justifying in seeking a divorce?

yes he was

Who said that Directive Principles are 'aimed at furthering the goals of the social revolution or to foster this revolution by establishing the conditions necessary for its achievement'?

Granville Austin

Why is it necessary on earth to have a leap year?

It is necessary to have a leap year every 4 years because the earth does not make a complete rotation to equal 365 days. It is usually about 1 day behind. So we add another day to February so we can have the correct date with the earths rotation (or revolution).

How are scientists justifying the price of solar panels?

by looking hsojscbn a

All algebra words that start with j?

justifying steps

Why is the organization of the Proletariat into a political class and their subsequent revolution necessary?

the working class majority

Was the execution of Louis XVI necessary for the revolution to succeed?

Otherwise he would have shat his pants

Why did Robespierre the the terror was necessary to achieve the goals of the revolution?

He felt if he did this, it would advantage him politically.

What revolution was Vladimir Lenin's?

Lenin's revolution was the second Russian revolution in 1917, the so called October or Bolshevik Revolution.

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