Vietnam War

Why was north Vietnam fighting with south Vietnam?


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The north Vietnamese were fighting with the south Vietnamese because the (north) wanted to impliment a communist government and the Viet-cong (south) wanted to remain as they were.

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the U.S.A., South Vietnam, and North Vietnam.

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

Communist North Vietnam was attempting to take over democratic South Vietnam to unify Vietnam as a socialist country. South Vietnam was defending its sovereignty as an independent country.

The NVA and ARVN fought in South Vietnam. The only fighting taking place in North Vietnam was between jet aircraft (the air war).

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

Communist NORTH verses Republic of SOUTH Vietnam.

Air war North Vietnam. Ground war South Vietnam.

They were fighting to re-unite the Republic of South Vietnam with "Communist" North Vietnam; under one communist government.

North Vietnam (NVA) fighting South Vietnam (ARVN) with the US/allies helping out the south.

Ground fighting occurred through out the Republic of South Vietnam. Unofficially, fighting occurred in Lao's and Cambodia along the South Vietnamese borders. Air Strikes occurred in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

The United States didn't fight against South Vietnam in fact they were allies fighting against North Vietnam.

The USA was fighting with South Vietnam in their fight against North Vietnam and the communists. They were in turn receiving help from China and the Soviet Union, among others.

Vietnam wasn't fighting anybody in 1964 because there was no country named Vietnam. There were two nations, one called North Vietnam and another called South Vietnam. Just like the states North Carolina and South Carolina or North Dakota and South Dakota in America...FOUR separate states! In 1964 North Vietnam became engaged in war with America; after the Tonkin Gulf naval battle(s) in August 1964.

America fought against North Vietnam, in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat its invasion and conquest of South Vietnam.

Which Vietnam is good North or South

No. North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam. The US first sent military advisors and then fighting troops at the request of the South Vietnamese government.

The country of Vietnam had divided into communist North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam, and was fighting a civil war to determine if the country would be reunified as a communist nation, or if it would remain a divided nation. Untimately, North Vietnam prevailed.

The ground fighting occurred all over SOUTH Vietnam. The air war took place all over NORTH Vietnam.

The north Vietnamese wanted south Vietnam reunited with north Vietnam

There is no North and South in Vietnam. Just Vietnam.

in vietnam. South vn and north vn were fighting..... vn=vietnamThere were bombing each other and kids and dads were dying

American advisors were sent to Vietnam to assist the South Vietnamese army in fighting North Vietnam. It was an essentially unsuccessful venture.

North Vietnam (Viet Cong) were trying to take over South Vietnam with Communism and a majority of Vietnam didn't like that, so they split the country and warred to keep Chinese Communism out.

Communist North Vietnam accomplished it's objective of conquering it's neighbor, South Vietnam.

Communist NORTH Vietnam wanted to re-unite with it's SOUTHERN half; SOUTH Vietnam. The US backed South Vietnam desired to remain a non-communist Republic of South Vietnam. Because the "Communists" were involved, and this was the cold war era; the US had to stop & contain communism. The North attacked the South, the South resisted...Vietnam War.

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