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Why was the First Amendment important to the framers?

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The First Amendment was important to the framer since it symbolizes the freedom of everyone to say what they want. Without this freedom, elections and other political campaigns will be worthless.

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Why did the framers add the first amendment?

The framers added the first amendment because everyone should be able to say what they want to say, practice their own religion, and write whatever people want to write in books or newspapers.

Why is the first amendment important?

the first amendment is important because it allows people to have freedom and do what they want (to be free)

Why are freedoms in the first amendment important for people in a democracy?

Why are freedoms in the first amendment important for people in a democracy?

What is important about the first amendment?

the first amendment is important because it says the peoples rights and how they can be able to express that

Why is the First Amendment the most important?

when the citizens came over from England they didn't like their religion so the framers wanted their people to have the freedom to choose religion and the right to petition and the right to trial by jury and write what they want in the press and freedom of Assembly So, overall: The first Amendment is important because it ensures the right of religious and Political freedom.

What is so important about amendment 1?

it is important because it is the first

Why was the Seventh Amendment important to the framers of the Constitution?

The 7th amendment was put in to guarantee the right to trial by jury in civil cases. Trial by jury in criminal cases is guaranteed under the 6th amendment. For more comprehensive explanation, seek out Findlaw on your search engine.

Why Is the first amendment important to the democratic process?

it isn't

What was so important that it was the first thing the framers listed in the Bill of Rights?

freedom of religion (apex)

Why did the framers of the us constitution intentionally make the amendment process difficult?

,, m

Why is the first amendment important to you?

the first amendment is important to me because it protects and states my rights that i must obey also. it also is a ocument that helps people to realize that they have something to follow and its really important to follow.

Which amendements from the first ten was the least important?

Amendment VIII

What is the most important aspect of the first amendment?

the most important aspect of the First amendment is the freedom speech because with that aspect people are able to speak for themselves when you say it the right way

Why did the framers of the Constitution allow amendment?

They realized that the Constitution might need to be changed in the future.

Which of the 5 first Amendment freedom do you think is the most important and why?

The most important is freedom of speech.

Who were some of the important framers why are they called framers?

George Washington, Janes Madison, and Benjamin Franklin. They are called framers because they organized and wrote our constitution

Why is the Bill of Rights important to Americans?

Because it was the first amendment to the constitution.

What did the Framers add to the US constitution that showed the importance they placed on a free press?

The 1st Amendment

Which of the first 10 amendment do you think is most important?

1st Amendment since it gives you 5, not 1, but 5 rights!

Why is religon important to the U.S.?

religion is important to the us because the first amendment of the constitution is freedom of religion

What was the grange?

The Grange was the first framers organize. (witch was a great thing for a lot of framers.)

What amendment that you cant be forced to participate in religious activities at public school?

The first amendment says that there is to be freedom of religion. There were very few public schools that early and the framers could not imagine every possibility of the future so there is no exact wording. The Supreme Court does interpret the Constitution and the laws that are passed.

Why is the most important amendment in the bill of rights and why?

the most important bill of rights is the first one . because every body is free to have there own religion! the second most important is amendment number five!

What is the most important right guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

The most important bill in the Bill of Rights is the first amendment. This amendment defines the right to certain freedoms.

What important rights are listed under the Bill of Rights?

The First Amendment which is the freedom of speech, religion, assembly, petition, and press. All ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) in the Constitution are important but the First Amendment is the main one.