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They were traveling north, so the North Star was their guide.

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Q: Why was the North Star important to runaway slaves?
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Why was the book the north star important?

It gave coded directions to runaway slaves and the people helping them for safe houses on the way north to freedom.

Why would the drinking gourd be important to a runaway slave?

Because it was talking about the north star in the song and that`s where freedom is.

Did slaves use the north star?

yes they did use the north star

What star did the slaves follow to freedom?

The North Star

Why did the slaves use the north star for freedom?

Slaves followed the north star because it led them to Canada, where they could be free.

How did the slaves find their way to escape?

Slaves travelled by night and followed the North Star.

Which star would slaves follow to their freedom?

They would follow the north star which would lead them north to canada.

What did slaves doto survive the hardships of slavery?

slaves had to run tored the north star to get free

How did the north star help end slavery?

The North Star did not help end slavery, but it did help slaves escape. Escaping slaves in the U.S. had to reach the northern states where slavery was illegal. To find their way, they navigated using the north star and the Big Dipper, which points to it.

Why do you think Frederick Douglass called his newspaper the north star?

Frederick Douglass called his newspaper The North Star because the north star was the star that fugitive slaves on the underground railroad used to guide themselves to freedom.

How did Harry Tubman play a major role in the freeing of slaves?

the north star is the answer

Which star would slaves most likely have followed to find their way to freedom?

they would follow the north star.

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