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Why was the North Star important to runaway slaves?

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They were traveling north, so the North Star was their guide.

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It gave coded directions to runaway slaves and the people helping them for safe houses on the way north to freedom.

Because it was talking about the north star in the song and that`s where freedom is.

yes they did use the north star

Slaves followed the north star because it led them to Canada, where they could be free.

Slaves travelled by night and followed the North Star.

They would follow the north star which would lead them north to canada.

slaves had to run tored the north star to get free

it lead slaves north tord canada

the north star was used as basically a compass that helped determine which way South, West,and East.used by many slaves like harriet Tubman in the underground railroad

The North Star did not help end slavery, but it did help slaves escape. Escaping slaves in the U.S. had to reach the northern states where slavery was illegal. To find their way, they navigated using the north star and the Big Dipper, which points to it.

Frederick Douglass called his newspaper The North Star because the north star was the star that fugitive slaves on the underground railroad used to guide themselves to freedom.

It always appears due north in the sky and is a reasonably bright star

she freed slaves by taking them through the underground railroad or teaching them about how to follow the north star.

It showed them where te north star is

slaves would go on land at night and then follow the north star and look for certain houses with lights on.

the underground railroad helped the slaves by leading them to freedom by going north. the slaves would go from house to house and follow the northern star.

a lantern hung outside at nigh on a house was a sign of a safe house for run away slaves and the north star was used to guide slaves north

It is a good guide because part of the Big Dipper is THE NORTH STAR! The North Star helped slaves from the South (for example.) escape to the North. There are many other times when the star helped people. I hope I helped!

The quilts had pattens in them that showed the way to the North Star.

Because it represents the "North Star" that the three wise men followed.

they saw the north star so the will go to heaven

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