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The Soviet Union was upset with the Western Allies because they invaded North Africa instead of France. The Soviet Union was upset with the Western Allies because they invaded North Africa instead of France. The Allies decided to invaded Noth Africa first to secure the Mediterranean Sea in the region.

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Remember that the Soviet Union was created on the basis of the Marxist-Leninist ideology, which claimed that capitalist societies must inevitably be overthrown by the victorious proletariat, and converted into Marxist societies, so a conflict between these two competing economic systems already existed, even before WW II. The Soviet Union knew perfectly well that once the Third Reich was defeated, they would then have a new conflict with the western, capitalist world. They were already maneuvering for position, even before the war was over.

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Q: Why was the Soviet Union upset with the Western Allies?
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Why was the soviet union upset with thw western allies?

The Soviet Union was upset with the western Allied because the invaded North Africa instead of France.

Why was Soviet Union upset with the western allies?

They invaded North Africa instead of France

Why was the Soviet Union upset with the Western Allies during the cold war?

They invaded North Africa instead of France.........APEX

Why did war time alliance between us and the soviet union unravel?

The WWII wartime alliance (known as the Grand Alliance) between the U.S. and the Soviet Union began to unravel for multiple reasons, including that the U.S. was upset that Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader, had signed a nonaggression pact with Germany in 1939. Additionally, Stalin blamed the Allies for not invading German-occupied Europe earlier than 1944. Stalin also felt that the Soviet Union never received its due from the Allies regarding the territorial gains that the Soviet Union made in 1939.

What did the Soviet Union do after the war that angered both England and America's allies?

Two of the many things that the Soviets did to upset its former WW2 allies were the shifting of the Polish borders to the west and the partitioning of Germany in to east and west.

What did the Soviet Union do in Europe that upset the US?

They took it over. The Soviet Union was just a name they had for all the countries that were taken over (13 I believe). It collapsed at the end of the cold war and those countries were not under the control of the soviet union anymore.

Why was the US upset over Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union even before the end of World War 2?

He was fighting with the germans

Do I believe in mircales Yes I scored the game-winning goal in the U.S. hockey team's upset win over the soviet union at the 1980 games. Who am I?

Mike Eruzione

Why would marshall plan upset communist russia?

The Marshall Plan upset the Soviet Union because the U.S. strategically utilized foreign aid to extend their control over devastated post-war European countries and to sway countries towards capitalism.

Why did the Vietnam war upset people?

Not allies

What was the Berlin Airlift 1948?

When World War II ended in 1945, Germany was split into four pieces, and each piece was ruled by one of the four major countries that won the war (UK, USA, Soviet Union and France). Berlin, the capital city of Germany, was split in the same manner; however, Berlin is almost exactly in the center of the Soviet part, which would eventually become East Germany. Before the war was even over, the Soviets and the other three started distrusting each other. Stalin, the dictator ruling the Soviet Union, was kind of paranoid. Additionally, since Germany was a large and powerful country, both sides wanted Germany to join their side (once the Nazi stuff was dealt with). So the Soviets started messing with the other Allies. Since Berlin was right in the middle of the Soviet part of Germany, there were only a couple highways and railroads that were allowed to go from western Germany to western Berlin. Most of western Berlin's food and supplies came from Soviet Germany. There were other things (that I don't have time to get into now) going on as well, such as the Marshall Plan and changes to the German money, which caused tension between the Soviets and the West. In an effort to take control of the rest of Berlin, in 1948 the Soviets stopped giving food and supplies to the west, and stopped allowing people to go on those highways and railroads to get to West Berlin. They had hoped that the starving people there would become upset with the western Allies and join the Soviets. That's when the Berlin Airlift happened. Since they couldn't bring in food and supplies on the ground, the Western Allies started having airplanes fly them into West Berlin. The Soviet plan failed as West Berliners overwhelming rejected their overtures. In 1949, the split of Germany became permanent- the Soviet part became "the German Democratic Republic" or East Germany, and the other three parts united to become "the Federal Republic of Germany" or West Germany.

Why did Kazakhstan want to be independent of Russia?

The Soviet Union did not treat the Kazakhs very well. Many of the Kazakhs were starving and then Gorbachev forced the resignation of Kunayev and installed a Russian. Gorbachev also made a deal to sell Kazakhstan's oil. There were riots. Other people in Moscow were upset with Gorbachev as well. Nazarbayev at first wanted to stay in the Soviet Union but later decided independence was best.

How did the people of western Virginia respond to Virginia's secession from the Union?

The people living in the western part of Virginia did not want to leave the Union. There were few if any slaves in that part of Virginia. With that said, the people were happy that McClellan was able to remove Southern forces from western Virginia. They formed a new state of West Virginia.

Who was upset by Wilson's Fourteen Points?

Both allies and enemies

Why did Truman want to integrate the US military?

Truman was upset by the fact returning black soldiers were beaten and treated badly plus the Soviet Union was trying to become the champion of equality and the US had to show that democracy could be equal.

Why did V.M. Molotov object to the Marshall plan?

The members of the Soviet government and of the Soviet Communist Party were trying to recover from the damage done to them in World War 2. They ignored the fact that they helped bring on the war by not taking offers from France and England to form a peace alliance. On top of that they took advantage of the Soviet-German Nonaggression Pact and took half of Poland as the plan with Hitler.The US was in position after the war to help its allies. And in fact the USSR owed America about $17 billion in aid they received during the war. With that said, Marshall Plan aid to Western Europe had Molotov upset as well as Stalin.

What factor helped lead to the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union?

To name a few: General mistrust. Stalin was upset that the Americans never informed him about the atomic bomb. Difference in political ideologies.

Why was the US upset when Fidel Castro took over cuba?

Because Fidel Castro turned it into a communist nation. This was against the US's capitalistic ideology and they were currently engaged in The Cold War which was primarily over stopping the spread of Communism (Namely that of The Soviet Union).

What were there issues thau led to hard feelings between the Soviet Union and US?

Some issues that the US & Soviet Union had led to hard feelings were that they had opposing political and economic systems. In addition, the Soviets were angry that the United States had taken so long taken so long to launch an attack against Hitler in Europe. Stalin also did not like that the United States had kept the development of the atomic bomb a secret. Americans were upset that Stalin had signed a treaty with Hitler before World War II.

What is the us upset over the favored soviet hockey during the winter Olympics referred to?

The Miracle on Ice.

How did the compromise of 1850 upset the south?

By allowing California to join the Union as free soil.

Who upset the Lakers in the 1986 Western Conference Finals?

The Houston Rockets upset the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1986 Western Conference Finals, 4 games to 1. The Rockets went on to lose to the Boston Celtics 4 games to 2, in the NBA Finals.

Why was Japan mad after World War 1?

Japan was upset and felt slighted at the Allies while all were working on the Treaty of Versailles. They were not asked their input and that really upset them. Enough to put them on the opposite side during WW2. WW2 might have been shorter and Pearl Harbor might not have happened if the Allies had just paid attention to them. Japan had a great deal riding on "lost of face".

Why did the states of the deep south leave the union?

because they were upset wwith the members and money baby

Why was the southern states displeased when California was admitted to the union?

It upset the balance of slave & free states,

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