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America fought to prevent communists from taking over Vietnam. they failed, and communists took over vietnam.

Then the communists decided not to be communist anymore but shop at Mcdonalds and wal-mart instead.

Did america lose the Vietnam War? It depends on whether you look short term or long term

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because it was north Vietnam against south Vietnam

North Vietnamese won the Vietnam War, and it is the year 1975, not 1990, that they militarily defeat South Vietnam.

No. The Korean War was a draw, but Vietnam was won by the communists.

It was the first conflict that the U.S suffered a defeat.

After the BATTLE OF DIEN BIEN PHU, the French considered the First Indochina War to have been a defeat and withdrew from all Indochina (including Vietnam).

United States' troops became directly involoved in a war in Vietnam, and then military defeat led France to pull out of it's former colony of Vietnam.

For many, it was the feelings of defeat and rejection.

South Vietnam was considered an ally of the US.

Truman invaded North Korea, he wasn't involved with the Vietnam War.

The objectives of going to war in Vietnam were to defeat the Communist Vietcong army and prevent the spread of Communism to Vietnam.

dont QUITE know what your talking about but the most shamful defeat in american history was Vietnam

From the communists: Victory From the US/Allies: Defeat

Korea-Extremely cold and a communist defeat (they did not obtain their objective). Vietnam-Extremely hot and a communist victory (they obtained their objective).

Defeat the communist north and unite Vietnam under one capitalist dictatorship. Win the war.

yes, technically, because there were wars in Thailand due to the vietnam war, so the person even though did not fight in Vietnam, was involved in the vietnam war and should be considered a vietnam war veteran

The Vietnam War is considered an American loss. Its purpose was to prevent North Vietnam from becoming a Communist government, and this effort proved unsuccessful.

South Vietnam was not able to gain independence from North Vietnam. North Vietnam took over the country during the Vietnam War and the United States Army left in defeat.

President Johnson believed that the US could defeat north Vietnam because the US had won WWII with firepower, and the US had the most firepower on earth during the Vietnam War.

It wasn't "unsuccessful" according the communists; they won the war.

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. South Vietnam was a democratic republic and North Vietnam had a socialist government headed by a communist regime. North Vietnam was trying to defeat the democracy of South Vietnam and unify the country.

Every War Fought by Americans resulted as the Defeat of the US. They Lost the War of Vietnam, and they are still losing the war on Afganisthan and Iraq.

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