Why was the area along the Tiber a good place to settle?

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The area along the Tiber was a good place to settle because it had villages near the river, the rolling land had rich soil that was good for farming, and it also had natural resources such as wood and stone for building. The inland location and hilly country protected settlers of Rome from enemies.
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Why was Mesopotamia area settled?

There are a number of reasons why the Mesopotamia area was settled.This main reason was the civilization and the trade activities inthe area among other things.

Why did people settle along river valleys?

They had access to fresh water for their every day needs and fertile land that supported agriculture thus providing all necessary means to maintain life like the Mesopotamian civilizations, he banks of river Nile who was deified for his presents to mankind.

The Navajos settled in an area known as?

The Four Corners area of the American Southwest. More specifically the Navajo homeland is known to the Navajo as the Dinétah and is centered on the Upper San Juanriver basin and the La Plata Mountains to the north and theLukachukai Mountains (Lókʼaaʼchʼégai) to the west of that. I ( Full Answer )

Who settled along the Mediterranean coast?

The Phoenicians were the first to settle along the Mediterraneancoast around 1200 B. C. They are known as being history's firstmerchants.

Why did the English settle along the Atlantic coast?

The first colony was established in order to have control over more land, to raise crops since the soil wasn't as rich in the Netherlands as it was in Delaware, and last of all since Delaware was right on the coast of the Atlantic ocean so it was very simple and easy to catch fish.

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The first known settlers in the Salt River Valley where Phoenix is located where the Ho Ho Kam tribe of Native Americans. Not much is known of the Hohokam tribe, not even the name by which they knew themselves; "Ho Ho Kam" or "O'odham" is the title given to them by their relation to other tribes who ( Full Answer )

Why was Rome a good place to settle?

The area of Rome had been inhabited for centuries before Rome's foundation.n. There is evidence of human presence in the area which goes back to 14,000 years ago, that is around 12,000 BC. Rome was said to have been founded in 753 BC. The founding of Rome does not refer to the building of the city. ( Full Answer )

How and why did the Egyptians settle along the Nile?

The Egyptians settled along the Nile because they needed the water. They did this because water is nearly non exsistent in Egypt. When the Nile flooded they would use the thick soil (black silt) and the liquid to help feed and grow their crops.

Place where people begin to settle?

technically, its everywhere. long ago people began to settle in many parts of the world. America was not the first country where people began to settle.

What are some places were the Quakers settled?

Swarthmoor, Cumbria (formerly Lancashire), England. Coggeshall, Essex, England. That is just two where I know some Quakers definitely settled as early as the 1650's and are still in those districts today, but they settled in hundreds and thousands of places all over the world.

Why is Ancient Rome's location along river Tiber so good?

Ancient Rome's location on the Tiber was good because it guarded an easy crossing which gave the Romans access to other parts of Italy. Also, they were safe from pirate attacks because their seaport was 15 miles away at Ostia. If a band of pirates would be so foolish to come up the Tiber, the Romans ( Full Answer )

Why did the Jews settle in coastal areas?

A: When Jews began arriving in Palestine in the first half of the twentieth century, they mainly came by boat, so it made sense to look around and settle in the coastal areas. Also, the coastal areas were more fertile and productive than area around Jerusalem, where the ancient land of Judah had b ( Full Answer )

Why do you think people built the city along the tiber river?

It is not that people built a city along theTiber. The foundations of the city involved the unification ofseveral independent settlements on what were to become the SevenHills of Rome. The earliest archaeological finds of settlements inthe area of the city date to some 5-600 years prior to itsfounda ( Full Answer )

How did the Hispanos of New Mexico get along with the Anglos who began to settle in the area?

Not very well because the Anglos looked down on Hispanos. Answer I don't think the Hispanics cared one way or the other until the newcomers began to steal their land by taking advantage of US laws regarding Mexican Land Grants. It changed the economy since the Hispanics had a farming/ranching s ( Full Answer )

What makes the heartland a good area in which to settle?

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Who settled in the area of New Jersey?

New Jersey was settled in 1626 by the Dutch West Indies Company for the purpose of trade with Indians and Quaker ideals. I hope this is what you are looking for! :)

Why is the Hindu kush mountains a good place to settle?

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Why is good farm land a place where people like to settle For how long have they settled in farming areas?

Good farmland is a good place to settle because you can have all the basic necessities of life that you might not otherwise have like: food, timber, and water from springs or streams. The first settlers usually settled where farmland was good because they couldn't go to Wal-mart like we can. It doe ( Full Answer )

Why do people settle in particular places?

In general, people live where they can survive the best. In developed countries, factors such as housing availability, job opportunities, educational opportunities and salary impact where people settle. In developing countries, resource availability is the most common reason - food, water, land for ( Full Answer )

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Why was tenochtitlan a good place to settle for the Aztecs?

Because Tenochtitlan was built on a lake, they made small pathways to the mainland. This made it hard for invaders to mass attack because they could only move so many people across the bridges at a time. Not only that, but because their city was built on the water, they grew they were able to grow t ( Full Answer )

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Why were grapes and olives popular along the tiber river?

Grapes and olives were popular all around the Mediterranean not just along the river Tiber. They still are nowadays. They are Mediterranean crops and have always been extensively cultivated in the areas around this sea and in parts of the Middle East since antiquity.

What areas did Phoenicia settle?

Phoenicia in the Levant, with trading stations around theMediterranean. One became a city and then expanded into Spain -Carthage.