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The draft.

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Q: Why was there a strong anti war movement during the Vietnam war?
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Why is the civil rights movement and the anti war movement during the Vietnam war?

i really don't know

Why was the anti war movement important in the Vietnam war?

Anti-war movement=Anti-draft movement

What was the solution for the anti Vietnam war movement?

The anti-war movement fizzled out with the draft in about 1973.

What is SOS Vietnam?

It was the Women's Anti-War Movement in Australia that was both anti Vietnam War but also anti conscription.

A popular form of protest during the anti-Vietnam War movement was?

Burning one's draft card.

Which musicians were important during the Vietnam anti war movement?

ALOT. Check out the Forrest Gump soundtrack for songs and artists particularly anti-war.

Different between civil rights and anti war movement?

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s concerned PRIMARILY racial equality; headed by Martin Luther King Jr. The Anti-War movement was PRIMARILY a disguised Anti-Draft movement during the Vietnam War.

Why did an anti-war movement become so strong in the US after the Vietnam war?

The movement corresponded with the military draft. When the draft got stronger, the protesters got more violent.

What was the name of the movement in the anti- Vietnam war?

Draft resisters.

Did Berkely provide support to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

College students in general were the primary anti-draft (anti-war) protesters; Berkley University in the San Francisco Bay Area was prime headquarters for the anti-draft movement. A movement which supported the enemy of the US grunt.

The anti war movement of the 1960s was?

a movement protesting the Vietnam war- mainly the draft

How was the antiwar movement criticismed to the Vietnam?

The military draft was three fourths of the anti-war movement.

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