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Why was women treated badly back in the day?

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ankwhitey:Any broad spectrum answer to this question gives the question too much credit. Women were "treated badly back in the day" for the same reasons they are treated badly currently.

Women are treated badly when they are weak, or vulnerable; and someone who is evil- or simply idiotic, decides to take advantage of that situation.

Women have no more or less power today than they ever did, although the way that power manifests itself has changed. The same is true for men. Either sex is a force to be reckoned with, and always has been.

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What evidence is given in this biography that Isabella's master treated her badly?

one day her owner beat her so badly that she was left with permenent scars on her back.

What did the slaves have to do?

The Americans treated the slaves badly and usually made them work in the crops from day in to day out.

How were women treated badly back in the day?

Before women got their civil rights they couldn't own property, and if they left their husband's they had no right to shared property or even their own children. They had no right to vote or education beyond what their fathers thought they needed to know to be wives and mothers - which wasn't much. They didn't have the right to choose who they would marry. Women have dealt with oppression throughout the world.

How were women treated before Innocent III?

Women, throughout history and into present day, have always been erroneously treated as subservient and inferior to men.

Were the Maya slaves treated bad?

well, since they sacrificed several people a day and they were a huge empire, i think they got treated badly. it was for a good cause though!

How were women treated in biblical times?

The culture of the day treated women as inferior. The Bible itself did not treat them this way and there were women singled out by God for important purposes - Mary, Deborah and Miriam for example. Jesus sought to redress some of the inequalities they were subjected to and treated them with respect and compassion against the 'politically correct' culture of the day.

How were people with Down syndrome treated back in the day? animals:(...

How were children treated in the 1800s?

children were treated badly in the 1950sMost of the children were immigrants, and treated horribly. They had to work 12-14 hours a day and then go to night school. Their working conditions were harsh, and many children got hurt very badly. On top of that they had to learn english, and not to be afraid of the police men. Most of the children were immigrants, and treated horribly. They had to work 12-14 hours a day and then go to night school. Their working conditions were harsh, and many children got hurt very badly. On top of that they had to learn english, and not to be afraid of the police men.

Why were women treated more in equal during World War 2?

Well, during WWII, men were away at war so women had to fill all the empty jobs. They made bombs, tanks and weapons, and they were respected for that. Of course, once the men came back, women were treated like trash again. Hope this helps ya. Maybe we can get that respect some day. ;-)

How were native American women treated?

Just as in all other cultures some were treated well, others were treated very badly.Among the Blackfoot and some other northern Plains groups, women who were unfaithful to their husbands had their noses cut off so they could never again be thought attractive.On the other hand the Crows (another northern Plains tribe) treated their women very well - except that the warriors of one men's society were allowed to steal the wives of the men of another society and those men could say nothing to stop them (they were allowed to steal wives back again, later).Women generally had an important part to play and the day-to-day work around camp was mostly done by women. in many tribes (like the Crows) a man's tribal, clan and family relationship was determined by his mother, not his father.Men and women generally had responsibility for different aspects of life; men controlled everything to do with hunting and war, women had responsibility for preparing food, constructing the dwelling and raising children. This partition of work prevented arguments about who should do what.

How did the life of an immigrant compare to the life of a slave?

They can be similar in some ways, but different in others. Immigrants can be treated badly because of their citizenship which is sometimes called 'modern day slavery'. Immigrants can sometimes be beaten or treated with cruelty, but not always. It depends on the conditions the immigrants are working on. But slaves are usually treated very badly because they are slaves and known to be treated as people wish because of human selfishness. So generally, slaves are treated much worse. Hope this helps.Answer kindly provided by Denis Ianev.

How long do the Egyptian slaves work?

From what I know, and don't quote me on this, they worked for most of the day but I guess it depends on if you were an important slave or if you were a very poor and badly treated slave.

What is the definition of a Dirty Mick?

its like the N word for Irish people because in the olden day the Irish were treated badly and barely above slaves in the social system

Can women provoke domestic violence?

yes,i fact i never harmned a single hair on any girl i ever dated,until my last girl,she treated me sooo badly,when i was so charming to her,and i should have left her,but i have a baby with her so i stayed,until the one day she provoked a fight with me,she was just looking for it soooo badly,and i finally lost my composure and struck,her...i went to jail was out on bond and after that i will never ever date a woman that likes to stir up trouble and push my bottons,just leave and never turn back at girls like that.

What the legend of 235 w Morton st?

The legend is hat a littlE boy lived there and his dad Dave treated him really badly soo one day he coudnt take it and he killed him self

What does it mean when a woman you dumped and treated badly called you repeatedly for one day crying but you haven't heard anything from her since?

It means that the woman you dumped and treated badly finally realized that you are a jerk! She probably found a new man, one worthy of her attention. Chances are your penis is small, that's why you feel you need to treat women badly. Too bad for you! You think you are going to hear "because she still loves you and is in sheer misery and I want you all to know what a hot guy I am!" You're the type of jerk that really loves 'em and leaves 'em in a demoralizing way. Did you ever think for one minute that this girl could be so stressed out at the shoddy way you've treated her that it could end up badly such as possible suicide? Perhaps she has no one else to turn too and she misses you. Are you happy now? THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE ALWAYS TURNS AROUND AND BITES YOU ON THE BUTT! I hope you get yours real soon!

Why did men treat women so bad in modern day India?

Men treat women badly in India because of social castes and inherited traditions. In the history of India, women have always been looked at as the weaker gender and have not been allowed the same freedoms that men are allowed.

I am a mess since the day i broke up with my ex he treated me dadly and doesn't respond to my calls and after a month we will be on the same party what should i do?

Awh will you just forget him please for your sake you say he treated you badly den why would you want to even get in touch with him . i see women like you every day always wanting to go back to that bad person who is no good for need to wake up and stop worrying about him.stay well away from him and that party because if he sees you there he will only want to use you and will tell you things you want to hear tell you everything will be ok and he really likes you and blah blah blah -Hes not interested in you hes interested in being in control of you.I was in your shoes before i learnt the hard way so take this message into account and learn now before its to late..He used to treat you badly now hes gone why are you still treating yourself badly.Move on darling and remember your better than him its his fault for not knowing a good thing when he sees it :DHis loss Not yours .

Who was Louisa May Alcott?

Louisa May Alcott was a writer back in the day. She wrote Little Women.

How where harriet Tubman and her family treated by their owner?

they were treated by being beated all day.

Can you back track from your missed period to find out which day it was that you got pregnant?

You would normally count back to your last period and it would be between day 12 and day 14 that you fell pregnant. These are the most common ovulating times for women

Why couldn't women fight in the army?

Back in the day they were very sexcist and they thought we were "inferior" to them. "we weren't strong enough."

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for September 16 2013?

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Are women who pursue men successful?

Yes women who pursue men are sometimes successful. I pursued and finally married my husband and we were together 22 years and he treated me abusively each and every day of it. But I got what I ran and pushed for so hard.

What attracts males to females?

Back in the day, if you asked someone over 60 they would say that it was by pheromones that attracted men to women. In other words body odor (B.O). Deodorant was not invented back in the day.

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