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Christian Answer How, is by the words of The Bible. In certain passages throughout exodus and other books in the bible, the Jewish people are described as Gods chosen people. Either by writers speaking that the phrase came from God himself, or from writers quoting words spoken by prophets.

The best utterence of the chosen people would probably be this passage.

Deuteronomy 7:6 - For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

Because Christ knew that of all the races of people upon the face of the earth, it would be the Jews who would crucify Him, all other peoples would have accepted Him as the Savior.

Jewish Answer

The phrase "chosen" is almost always misinterpreted by non-Jews. According to the Tanach (Jewish Bible), the Jews are called "chosen" because they were the nation chosen to keep the Torah from among the 70 nations of the world. The phrase "chosen" in no way infers that Jews were or are better than any other nation.

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God chose Abraham because Abraham chose God. Abraham served God, and taught about Him, for many decades before receiving the slightest sign from Him. Abraham was in his seventies when he had prophecy for the first time. Because Abraham was so superlative in his righteousness, God chose him for His covenant. This is a binding agreement which obligates us to keep the Torah. We forfeit our role if we abandon the Torah (Deuteronomy ch.28). See also the Related link.

Note: According to the Christian Bible, it was the Romans who crucified Jesus. Crucifixion was never an acceptable form of execution for the Jews. Additionally, Pilate executed approximately 10,000 Jews via crucifixion.

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God chose Abraham because Abraham chose God. Abraham served God, and taught about Him, for many decades before receiving the slightest sign from Him. Abraham was in his seventies when he had prophecy for the first time.

Because Abraham was so superlative in his righteousness, God chose him for His covenant. This is a binding agreement which obligates us to keep the Torah. We forfeit our role if we abandon the Torah (Deuteronomy ch.28). See also the Related link.

Link: Abraham chose God

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Q: Why were Jews called the chosen people in the Bible?
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Who are the chosen people of God?

According to the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), Jews are the chosen people. In this context, 'chosen' refers to Jews having been chosen to follow the teachings of the Tanach.

Is gods chosen people Jews or Israelites?

Actually both are the same., it says in the bible Israelites were the chosen [eople.

What did the Jews believe that God selected them to be?

The Jews believe proudly that they are gods on chosen people, according to the bible, and Abraham is the father of the nation. _____________ Most non-Jews misunderstand the meaning of 'chosen' in reference to Jews. Chosen simply means that we Jews were chosen to keep Torah. It does not mean that we're better than other people.

What does it mean to say Jews are Gods Chosen People?

It means that while the Jews were in the desert, God took the holy bible, the Torah, So when God went to the Jewish people, the Jews answered, "Of course we want your holy Torah!" That's what it means to say that the Jews are God's chosen people!

Why are Greeks not the chosen people?

According to the story of the chosen people, it is the Jews and not the Greek who are the chosen people.

Which part of the Bible was about the Jews?

All of it, for they are God's chosen people. The rest of us are adopted children. The Old Testament section, of the Protestant Bible, is the Jewish Bible. The New Testament is also for, and about, Jews (and gentiles) who accept Jesus as the Messiah. The Catholic Bible also contains selected books of the Apocrypha.

Are the dark skined people hebrews and are they god's chosen people?

There is no physical description of Hebrews in the Bible. We can only assume that they included a range of skin colors, just as the Jews of today. Jewish tradition teaches that the Jews are God's Chosen people, but it is a question of individual belief rather than a statement of truth.

Why do Jews get upset when you call them a Chosen People?

This is almost like a racist statement, like calling a white person a cracker, or a black person the n word... you just don't do it. we are all the same.AnswerIt may be possible that some Jews are offended by the fact that the Bible specifically stakes their identity on them being the Chosen People, but the vast majority of Jews are proud of their identity as the Chosen People and do not get upset. What is upsetting to most Jews is that non-Jews misinterpret what "Chosen" means. It is not a throne or superiority, it is a delegation. Jews believe that God assigned a certain mission and place to them. Therefore they have to toil through far more requirements than were imposed on non-Jews.

Are Muslims God's chosen people?

Another answer from our community:No, they are not the Israelites are so the people in Israel are. No, they are not in bible times; God's chosen people are the Israelites or the people of Israel.

Who do Jews think they are?

They don't think, they know who they are. They are the Jews, God's Chosen People!

Which do Jews follow the Bible or the Torah?

Jews regard all of the books of the Hebrew Bible as holy. The holiest part of the Bible are the first 5 books, called, "The Torah".

Can you name the proud people in the bible?

The jews

What does it mean to be the chosen people of god?

According to Jewish belief, Jews are the Chosen People because they were chosen to make the idea of one God known to the world.

Does the Jews being referenced to as the chosen people have anything with riches?

What riches? There are poor Jews, middle class Jews, upper class Jews, just like there are with ALL PEOPLE. Chosen people refers to being chosen to obey the 613 commandments of the Torah, like keeping kosher and observing the shabbat. Non-Jews have commandments too, and their own covenant with G-d. They are supposed to observe the Noachide laws.

Why did Corrie ten Boom help the Jews?

Corrie ten Boom helped the Jews because they are Godโ€™s people, and they were being persecuted by the Nazis. The Jews, or Hebrews, were Godโ€™s chosen people.

What are some of the things Jesus was called in the Bible?

The King of the Jews.

Why are Jews known as chosen people?

See Exodus ch.19.

Why did the Jews choose Christianity?

they didn't choose christinaity. Christianity chose them. they're the chosen people. God chose the Jews to be his first people.

Did judah slepted with other nation neh 13 verses 23 and there offspring were called jews?

Accordingly the bible there were never jews in egypt, it was hebrews. When the hebrews came out of egypt they were called with god israel's name israel, and he land were called by his name israel. The name jew came after juda; in neh 13 verses 23 went and slept with other nation, and then the offspring came back as jews. Why! Dont the call the land israel jew, it is beacause god israel never said jews, but israel. The jews are not rthe chosen people of god israel.king:johan janck

What term do Muslims use to describe Jews and Christians?

Jews and Christians are called people of the book as they are holders of the Torah and the Bible holy books that Muslims believe that those books are God revelations to His prophets.

What did the Jews call the Hebrew Bible?

In English, they called it the Hebrew Bible, and they still call it that today. In Hebrew it's called Tanakh (תנ״ך)

What sect are black Jews affiliated with?

Most of the Black Jews are Ethiopian Jews and are considered their own sect of Judaism in terms of ethnicity (as opposed to being Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, or Sabra). In terms of religiosity, they are usually seen as Orthodox Jews.Of course, there are also Black Jews who are the descendants of recent converts (within the last 200 years) who would be properly assigned to the ethnic sect of their converters, mostly Ashkenazim. An example of this would be the Abuyadaya in Uganda or several American Black Jews.It is important to note that the Black Israelite Churches are not Black Jews, neither by their own belief nor by other Jews. They are a form of Christianity that asserts that they are the true Chosen People of the Bible and that the Jews are incorrectly seen as the Chosen People of the Bible. As a result, they are not affiliated with any Jewish sect.

What do the four pillars and the Bible reference about God and the Jewish people?

The four pillars are rather like trying to hold sand- every "Christian" denomination has a different idea of what the "four pillars" are. So in that sense, your question is unanswerable. The Bible is God's book, He is the primary author and the primary subject of the entire Bible. The Jews are His chosen people in the Old Testament, they remain His chosen people, but become Christians in the New Testament. Modern day Jews are descendants of the chosen people who rejected the Messiah. We must pray for them daily. They are still living the promise in wait of the fulfillment not realizing that their ancestors rejected the Messiah when He was right in front of them. Those of us who are Catholics are descendants (spiritually, if not physically) of those who recognized their Messiah.

What do you call the jewish people?

The Jewish people used to be called Israel, until the political state was established. You can call them the chosen people, or simply 'Jews', in the same way that you would call Mormons 'Mormons'.

Where did the idea of the number thirteen being unlucky first come from?

Was it because the thirteenth day was chosen by Haman (in the book of Esther in the Bible to annihilate all the Jews in the empire? A day chosen by divination.

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