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Because they chose to remain neutral But coutries like Switzerland was "suicide" to attack every house owned at least one firearm cities were/are startegicaly build hard to reach with ground force countries like Swenden and the US which sold weapons and resources to both sides were of a greater importance to not get involved in the war

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Is it possible for a European country to remain neutral during European conflict?

Yes. A number of European countries are neutral and were neutral during conflicts such as World War II. Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland are three such countries, and there are others.

Why was America neutral for the first part of World War 1?

Because we were allies with the countries that were fighting and we wanted to remain allies with them for trade

What does it mean to remain neutral?

To remain netural in world is not to take sides in war.

Why would it be difficult for the US to remain neutral in World War 1?

we allied ourselves to countries in europe and asia and had to honor our commitment to our allies

Did the us remain neutral in World War 1?


Did Spain remain neutral during world war 2?


World War II neutral countries?

Neutral countries were Switzerland, Sweeden, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland

Why wasn't Switzerland involved in the World Wars?

Because it (Switzerland) preferred to remain neutral and also because the major powers allowed it to remain neutral so they could use it as a safe banking center and a go-between country in case they want to negotiate or meet to wheel and deal.

How did Ireland remain neutral?

Ireland chose to be neutral and stuck to that policy during World War II, and it is still a neutral country.

The countries that were and neutral?

Countries in Europe that were Neutral in World War I:NorwaySwedenDenmarkNetherlandsSwitzerlandSpain

Did Yugoslavia remain neutral throughout World War 2?

No it didn't

What did Sweden have to do with World War 1?

Sweden was neutral during World War I. In addition, it was able to remain officially neutral throughout World War II.

What countries were neutral in World War 1?

Countries that were neutral in World War 1:EthiopiaNetherlandNorwayPersiaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandVenezuela

Why did countries in world war 2 allow themselves to be taken over?

This question implies that the countries had a choice. Some were attacked and had to surrender. Germany was such a threat to world peace before the war started, that Britain and France met and allowed Germany to take over control of some border land and countries. Mainly, the small countries could not resist the German Army. Some wanted to remain neutral but Germany had to attack them to get to France and England.

What was the American position of World War I?

In World War 1, America tried to remain neutral.

Which Nations Remained Neutral World War 2?

In Europe, the nations that managed to remain neutral were Sweden, Spain and Switzerland. In Africa, all countries were linked to either Italy, France or Britain so none of them remained neutral. The Latin American countries remained largely neutral. Asian countries were practically all dragged into the war, either because they were invaded by Japan or because they were colonies of Japan or one of the Allied nations.

Who was the only country to remain neutral in both world wars?

i think it was switzland

US remain neutral in World War 2?

aggressions of the axis powers

What neutral countries invaded germany?

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

Why did Belgium remain neutral during World War 2?

Belgium was invaded by Germany in May 1940. It was not a neutral country.

Was Spain in the World War 2?

In World War 2 Spain had a Fascist government, similar to that of Italy and Germany. The dictator, Franco, remained officially neutral and because of that was allowed to remain the leader of Spain for many years.

What were neutral countries that fought in World War 2?

With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

What are countries called who remained neutral during the war?

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

How many countries were neutral in World War 2?

2 countries, Switzerland, Netherlands

Which countries were the neutral countries in world war 2?

I only know one which is Brazil

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