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In 8085 5 means the microprocessor operates at+5 volt.

third 8 means 8bits,its wordlength is 1byte.

80 indicates it was devoloped in eightys(1976)

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Q: Why were the 8085 and 8086 microprocessors given that name?
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Why was the 8086 microprocessors given that name?

8086-> here 80 tells the family of microprocessor while 6 digit represent its a 16 bit procesoor

Why the name is given as 8085?

update to 8080 is 8085. and it's a name to identify chip.

Why 80286 has given that name?

since it advancd versn of 8086 it got itz name....tat s 8086-2 which becomz 80286

Why the name 8085 is given?

The name 8085 was given to the next generation of the 8080 to indicate 1.) that it was a next generation device and 2.) that it only required a single +5V power supply to operate.

Why the name 8085 for microprocessor?

8085 is a microprocessor designed by Intel

Why Intel kept the name 8086?

in 8086, there is instruction queue of 6 byte. It is one of the reason behind giving name. 8086 was introducing pipeline architecture.

How 8085 microprocessor got its name?

the previous CPU of Intel is 8080A. 8085 is the first CPU to work in 5volts. hence the name 8085 (8080+5)

Why there was the name of first microprocessor 8085?

The 8085 was not the first microprocessor. The Intel 4004 was.

What is an ax register?

It is one of 4 registers called general purpose registers Ax has a another name witch is (accumulator) it used in arithmetic and logic operation and store data from I/o port in microprocessors like 8086/8088

A generic name for Intel processors released after the original 8086 processor is?


Instruction that are present in 8085 and not in 8080?

RIM, SIM, RST, to name three.

Is Intel a application software?

Intel is the name of a company that makes microprocessors and is not an application software.

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