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Why were the Allies in trouble in World War 2?

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2015-03-31 17:16:31

In the early stages of the Second World War, the Allies,

consisting of France and Great Britain, were in serious trouble.

The Lowlands had declared neutrality, however, that did not spare

them against the coming German aggression. France's military

efforts prior to the war, had built strong defenses such as the

Maginot Line, and kept 13 divisions near it for extra defense.

British General Fuller had predicted a short war in the West as he

claimed the French army was the strongest one in the world and

would only have to face, at most, 20-26 German divisions. The plan

in the West was to have at least 38-40 French divisions supported

by almost 160,000 British troops be prepared to attack


Great Britain & France had declared war against Germany by

September 3rd, but as Poland fell before the end of September,

Hitler declared he had no plans to attack the Western Allies. He

hinted that surely peace in the West could be maintained. By as

late as mid October, however, the western front was quiet.

Many people did not understand that despite the Nazi takeover of

Denmark and Norway, and the fact that France & England declared

war on Germany in September of 1939, German territory was safe. It

was not until The Spring, early Summer of 1940, did Hitler attack

France from the Lowlands with 143 divisions against 65 for France.

France was defeated in a month or less and only Great Britain was

still "alive" by the end of June 1940.

In a brief summary, France & Great Britain were in trouble

early on in WW 2 because they failed to attack Germany when they

declared war on it in September of 1939.

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