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Why were the Greek gods important?

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The Ancient Greeks did not know much about the Earth. They developed deities that were personifications of worldly things to provide answers to things beyond their knowledge. Also the Greek gods embodied specific emotions and characteristics, making them somewhat imperfect. For example, Poseidon embodied anger and aggression, and could hold quite a grudge. Zeus embodied hospitality, but was often prone to jealousy and lust.

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Are the Greek gods more important than the Greek goddesses?

No. The Greek gods were just as important.

Why should the Greek gods be remembered?

The Greek gods are an important aspect of Greek history and culture. Greek masterpieces such as the Odyssey, the Iliad and the writings of Aeschylus are centered on the gods. Therefore it is important to understand the role of the gods in Greek culture.

Was Aquarius important to the Greek gods?

The #1 important was Aquarius because Aquarius is Greek.

What are the most important greek gods?

There are three important gods namely Zeus ,Posidone and Hades

Where roman god after greek gods?

Yes they were named after Greek gods. They are the same gods same power but different names. The most important gods are named after planets

What was the significance of the Greek gods to the ancient Greeks?

Their gods were as important to them as ours is to us.

Why are Greek vases so important?

Greek vases are important because Greek people would use them to worship their Greek gods and goddesses.

Why were the gods so important to the ancient greeks?

The Greek Gods were important to the greeks because they were they're gods. Just like God or Allah or Buddah is important to the modern society.

Why is mt Olympus so important in greek history?

It was home of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Why were the gods and goddesses important to ancient Romans?

Greek and Roman gods were as important to them as our God or gods are to us today. They worshipped them a lot and always tried to please them.

How important were Greek gods to the citizens in the ancient Greek civilization?

very important because the Greeks needed someone to rely on

Why is Zeus important?

He was the king of the Greek gods and the lord of the sky.

Were there any Hera and Hades?

They were both important Greek gods.

Why is Zeus important to the Greek society?

Because he was the God of gods.

In what ways did Greek gods and goddesess play an important part in the lives of the athenians?

Greek gods played an important role in the lives of Athenians by giving the people advice when they went to their temples.

How important were the greek gods to the civilization?

Think about how important God is in our society. It was no different for the Ancient Greeks, they just had more gods to which to pray.

How were the gods important were the gods in the afterlife?

Were the gods in the afterlife? -not usually. The Greek Gods were based on Mount Olympus, Hades would be the only one in the afterlife. The Indian Gods are based on Mount Meru. Yes, to believers the Gods were important.

Why is Mount Olympus so important to Greek history?

It was mythic home of the Greek gods and goddesses,

Why are Greek gods important to Greek culture?

They were the sources of answer for things like "why is there lightning" Answer Zeus was throwing it They knew no other gods and yes, they were a superstitous lot

Who was the most important of Roman gods?

What god is most important depends on who you are and what your needs are. zues is generally seen as king of the gods in the greek lengend. Jupiter is the roman king of gods

Are the Greek gods still as important today?

They were gods to the ancient Greeks. To the Greeks and all other Christian people the ancient Greek gods are just interesting stories (not least to Rick Riordan).

Why were Greek gods main characters?

because they were important figures to the Greeks

Why is Hera so important in Greek mythology?

She is the Queen of the gods & goddesses.

Who is the leader of the Greek Gods?

The leader of the Greek Gods is Zeus.

Did greek emperors think more of themselves than the gods?

No they did not the gods were the most important things ever back then

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