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they couldn't own other land because it was already owned by the dutch and the Spanish.

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they couldn't own other land because it was already owned by the D

utch and the Spanish.

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Q: Why were the Portuguese claims in the Americas relatively limited?
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Why were Portuguese claims in the Americas limited?

cuz they were

Spanish claims to the Americas?

Date to 1492.

Which explorer laid the basis for spanish claims in the Americas?

Hernan Cortes

When were the Canary Islands discovered?

There are claims that the Canaries/ the Canary Islands were found by the Portuguese as early as 1336

How did Spain protect its land claims in the Americas?

Spain protected it's territory by force of arms.

How did the relative location of what is now Brazil affect Portugal' claims in the Americas?

because it made it harder to get there

Probate courts and courts of claims are examples of courts with?

Limited or special jurisdiction

What are examples of limited jurisdiction trial courts except?

small claims court

How did Columbus voyage lead to a dispute between Spain and Portugal?

The basis of the dispute was over European imperial greed and expansionist ambitions. The Americas were not Europe's to take per se, but their political logic was based on claiming that which they landed on first as their own. This dispute between Spanish and Portuguese land claims in America ultimately lead to a Papal intervention and decree mediating the parties.

Where is the regions in Christianity?

Christianity predominates in Europe and in the Americas, but it also claims adherents in virtually every country of the world.

How did spain protect its claims in the Americas?

They overpowered Native Americans, they built borderlands sorry i forgot the other ones

What two Western European rivals had disputes about land claims in the Americas following Columbus’ voyage of 1492?

Portugal and Spain

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