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To put it simply, the Native Americans were moved from their land because the white settlers from Europe wanted it. They were able to overpower the Native Americans and force them to give up the land. Later in American history, the United States government allotted land for the Native Americans in the form of reservations. Conditions on the reservations have been very poor historically and continue to be so.

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Did the native Americans gain more land when they moved west?


What land was Native Americans forced to move to?

Native Americans were moved from their homelands to less desirable areas of the USA.

Why did the settlers want the Native Americans moved to Oklahoma?

They wanted their land.

Why were the native Americans continually moved westward?

The native Americans were continually moved westward because the new colonists desired the land that they were living on, and as the population of the colonists (and later Americans) grew they needed more and more land. As such, politicians, and citizens alike requested more and more land, which they killed many Native Americans over.

Why were the Native Americans moved from the Southeast to the Indian Territory?

the us gov moved them because they wanted their land

What happen to native Americans when settlers moved west?

they took there land by killing them

Why did Americans want the native Americans to moved to Indian territory?

they want to take over the Indian's land

Both the yamasse and Tuscarora Native Americans?

Fought for and then moved away from the land in the Carolinas.

What did Both the Yamasee and Tuscarora Native Americans do?

fought for and then moved away from land in the Carolinas

How did the growing nation affect native Americans?

they needed new land for the farming so they moved

Why did the native Americans moved west?

the settler's were taking there land so they had to move farther inland

What is true of both the Yamasee and Tuscarora Native Americans?

They fought for and then moved away from land in the Carolinas.

Why were native Americans moved to smaller and smaller reservations in 1850s?

white settlers discovered gold snd silver in land already set aside for native americans

What happened to the population of Native Americans in California?

They were moved to reserve for Native Americans

Why were Native Americans moved to smaller reservations in the 1850's?

white settlers discovered gold and silver in land already set aside for native americans. -m

Which president moved native Americans from there homes in the east to Oklahoma?

will it is Andrew Jackson because he said this to the natives American k i have all this land and can keep this small part of land because who tough us how to plant native Americans who tough us how to cook and hunt native Americans.

Why were native americans moved to smaller and smaller reservation?

Native Americans were moved to smaller and smaller reservation because colonists found gold in areas set aside for Native Americans

What did the Native Americans believe about land?

what did most native americans believe about the land they lived on

What land was reserved for native Americans?

The west was reserved for the Native Americans but the Americans kept on moving westward and kept forcing the Native Americans out of their territories or land. So it would be a yes they had land and a no that Americans kept FORCING them out of their land.

What happened to the native Americans' land as settlers moved west?

they killed most of the Indians and settled on their land, sad history realy

Did Native Americans stay in one place?

Native Americans did not stay in one place. Native Americans moved with the seasons. They also moved with the buffalo and deer herds so that they would have food for the winter.

How did Europeans and Native Americans Define Land Ownership?

Europeans: Land could be owned by individuals.Native Americans: Land belonged to Everyone.

Why did the white settlers want the native Americans land?

The Americans were greedy. They just wanted more land. There was no specific reason why they wanted the Native Americans land.

What were Native Americans that constantly moved around in search of food considered?

They were considered: Native Americans that constantly moved around in search of food.

How did Americans And native Americans differ in their views of land ownership?

Americans: Thought land belonged to an individual Native Americans: Believed land belongs to everyone including animals and plants

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