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Australia was drafting men too.

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They didn't want to be drafted by Australia's National Service Act.

They said they would dominate Vietnam and its people.

A large number of Americans did not support the Vietnam war and actively protested against it. There were changing messages from the government regarding why American involvement was necessary and many people believed it was not.

some people just don`t know, do they

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

I think Kennedy is the answer you are seeking. Eisenhower started the US involvement in Vietnam and Kennedy sent in more people to train pilots and such .

About one half of the American people.

they were known as the Hawks. people who supported sending more troops in were the hawks and people who wanted to pull them out were the doves

Critics of American involvement in the Vietnam conflict, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., considered it unjust and immoral.

hippies, people who were against the Vietnam war, people who were themselves and not like other conservative people.

They mirrored the US, only on a smaller scale, reflecting on Australia's smaller population (16 million people in the 1960's).

Many young people in the u.s. Wants peace people who were against the war were conscientious objectors all of these people belived that the united states was wrong to fight in Vietnam

US citizen's who wanted to stop communism were FOR fighting against communism.

See Websites: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Note-Some sources say in excess of 16 million people either protested the war or dodged the draft.

By 1970 it was plainly clear that the Unites States people had turned against any further support for the war in Vietnam; and South Vietnamese government was too corrupt an inefficient for them to be able to wage the war for much longer. Funding to support the corrupt South Vietnamese regime was cut back significantly and starting in 1971 the United States military began withdrawing their forces from Vietnam. In 1973, the Vietnamese were left to fight it out for themselves; and in 1975 South Vietnam was overrun and surrendered.

Answer Cassius didn't want to fight against people who did him no harm.

this was in may 1970 people gathereed in capital cities like sydney it was to go against conscription in Vietnam war

The US was fighting the country of North Vietnam during that war. The Philippine people were uprising against their new nation (US territory).

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